Plucked From a Love Story

I actually can’t get enough of Josephine Sicad‘s photography. Not only does each frame have that darling vintage tone to it, but every image just oooozes love…like you can tell how much she adores her work from the photographs alone…does that make sense or am I rambling again? The images also have that ‘cinematic quality that I’ve always adored, like the boys of MangoRED before her, Josephine’s image appear as if they could have been plucked right from a movie about a love story.


Go check out her Facebook Fan Page for more more more of this set!

Thanks again to the ever lovely and wonderful Josephine for sharing these with me…I may be your new biggest fan!

ps have you voted for your favourite couple to win the Love Me Do Free Wedding Photography contest yet? If not get on it – as always itis going to be a very close call!

Credit: Josephine Sicad Photography


  1. dexmhaidz

    shes really very good on this with her endless ideas and her ability to capture the image with meaning.. and yes shes my friend.. so proud of you girl.. 🙂

  2. this is awesome! yeah, Josephine is incredible. She does not only capture beautiful photos but the emotion as well. I’ll be forever thankful the opportunity to be her model together with my husband. And big thank you to you Kat Williams for the feature! 🙂

  3. Jeandylirious

    Wow! It’s such a wonderful feeling to see photos of my wife and I featured in your blog. Thank you.

    As for Josephine, she may be just starting out in photography but I believe that she is a master at her best. She’s well on her way to photography fame.


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