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Pretty Pastel Themed Wedding with Subtle Video Game References

Sophie Cooke

Gasp Photo co.

September 11, 2020

As Jen and Will met while working at a video game studio, they wanted to incorporate their love of video games with anime, plants and all things cute but in a subtle way. “We’re both big fans of the Korean ceramic toy art collective TOiNZ and how they display their pieces in outdoor settings", they said. "We took inspiration from their style and placed small game and anime figurines we’d collected from our travels inside terrariums with succulents to create little scenes. We had pieces from TOiNZ (two little cats!) as our wedding toppers. Will’s shirt also had tiny Pokemon on it.”

Pastel meets Moody New Zealand Wedding with Skulls, Crystals and Flowers

Sophie Cooke


June 25, 2020

Zoe and Myles were in school together; they didn’t share any classes but knew each other through mutual friends. During a party they hit it off, dated for eight months and then Zoe threw a spanner in the works and moved to England! “I thought that might be it for our relationship as I was planning on staying for a few years,” explained Zoe. “I had the one way ticket before we met. After five months apart, Myles made the leap and moved to England with me.”

Intimate Autumnal Brooklyn Wedding with Shuffleboard & a 90s Dance Party Reception

Sophie Cooke

Nicole Nero Studio

February 11, 2020

Jess works for a fashion company and was inspired by one of the store’s props for her October wedding to Dustin. It was a beautiful dried flower arrangement, which as luck would have it, ended up in a sample sale after the season was over, so she snapped it up! They used it to build the altar decor for their ceremony. and from there, the muted pastel tones paired with copper metal inspired an ‘optimistic autumnal’ theme for the rest of the day.

Board Game Themed Central London Wedding



August 15, 2017

Holly and Laura met on a dating website. Both very shy, it allowed them to get to know each other really well before they met and once they did they immediately hit it off. "The first time we met in real life was at Waterloo station and both of us were ridiculously early!" Holly laughed. "We went to an art exhibition at the Southbank Centre. From there we walked and talked down the Southbank to Borough before jumping on a tube to Soho where we had a few drinks and lots of laughs."