Magical, Playful & Colourful Unicorn Wedding

Livvy Hukins Photography

January 23, 2020

There’s only one thing more magical than a wedding I think… and that’s a wedding with a unicorn! Issy and Brad’s summer celebration was themed around the pastel colours that the bride in particular really loves, and when she had the idea to get a unicorn there too, there was no stopping her!

“It was SO hard to find a human height unicorn!” she laughed, “I almost gave up and went for a small one from a theatre prop hire company, until I luckily searched on Facebook and found the lovely, newly set up Unicorn Prop Hire Events! It was driven down from Essex in a horse box, I like to imagine people seeing a unicorn head through a window of the horse box and wondering if they were seeing things!”

Overall, they wanted the day to look and feel like them. “Magical, playful, happy and colourful!” Issy said. “So anyone could have walked in and known it was our wedding even if we weren’t there. We both have big personalities in our own way and wanted to reflect the things we love most, whilst just making sure it was a lot of fun!”

The wedding was hosted at Secret Garden in Kent and the ceremony itself was held outside, under a beautiful wooden pergola style structure with arches covered in flowers. “I walked down the aisle to a string version of Somewhere Only We Know (Vitamin String Quartet) because I didn’t want any words but still wanted a song that filled me with joy and feelings. We each had a sibling give a reading, my brother did a poem you recommended in Rock n Roll Bride magazine earlier in 2019 by E.M.G. Somerwill called The Grateful, we both adored it!”

The one thing the bride wishes she knew before starting the DIY was just how much bunting it takes to fill a room – she wishes they’d ordered more! Issy also made their wedding favours which were tiny bottles of glittery alcohol made to look like three different Harry Potter potions. “I bought plain bottles and filled them with a mixture of Peach Schnapps or Limoncello and edible glitter. I had custom labels printed by Julie’s Card Cupboard on Etsy and we had tags printed which were personalised with our married surname. I bought ribbon to tie around the top and we roped in some wonderful friends to help tie the tags on! It was a nice distraction to have a manageable craft project, it did get stressful at times but it was fun!”

“Be true to yourselves, not anyone else”, the bride concluded. “Make sure it is the experience you want, not the one you think you should be having because you’re a bride or groom. Create a day that will just fill you with joy, whatever that may be for you both. Oh, and hire a unicorn!”