1950s Retro, Tropical & Kitsch Wedding

Jason Albus

November 3, 2016


Eva and Jay’s cute ‘n colourful wedding was inspired by the 1950s, tropical motifs and a huge dollop of kitsch! “Jay and I both love vintage decor, vehicles and clothing”, said the bride. “We have a 1949 Chrysler, a 1970s boat and our house is all decorated like the 1950s!”

They got married at the State Fairground in Minnesota. “We have a lot of pride in our state fair so it was a fun spot. We did our first look in an alleyway by a bar and for ambience we got to hear two guys cussing each other out at the near by transit station! We encouraged everyone to dress up inn 1950s outfits and our cake topper was from Jay’s parents wedding.”


The ceremony was super sweet and the couple sat on a swing that they’d added to their homemade arch. “My dad and I pulled up to the ceremony in an old car, 1955 Bel Air”, she continued. “It made for more of a dramatic entrance. Also I had my veil covering my face. My uncle was the pastor since that is his actual job in life. It was nice to have someone that knew us speak on our behalf. We also had an uncle, aunt and great uncle perform a song, My Romance by James Taylor. A family friend made a wedding arch with our names on it and he added a swinging bench to the structure so we got to sit and swing during the music. Our ceremony was more focused on laughter and love than the bible.”


“In terms of DIY, I I cut all of the place mats for dinner and used pastel pink roses cut from card. I recommend the Cricut Machine to all DIY wedding planners. I used it so much! I also made all of the bouquets and the husband made all other boutonnieres from silk flowers. We made the name cards from Elvis collector cards found on eBay.”


“All of the table decor was a hodge-podge of thrift store finds. I think I was able to save money because it wasn’t important to me that things matched. Also it went along with the kitsch theme. Rather than have a photo booth, we made a backdrop and had life size cardboard cutouts of Elvis and Marilyn and two Elvis costumes for guests to put on as well as masks of 50s celebrities.”


“I absolutely loved wedding planning up until the stress hit about a month prior to the date”, she concluded. “It was so fun thinking of new ideas that would go along with the theme. It gave me an excuse to buy nonsense items. My mom passed away seven years ago and it was difficult not have her to help and be a part of the day, but I had an ‘Auntie Team’ that helped me get through everything. Five wonderful women that are always there for me.”