Whimsical Festival Vibes with a Hint of a 5-Year Old’s Dream Party

VIMA Photography

May 23, 2024

Georgie and Josh’s wedding was a three-day festival affair, blending the whimsy of a fairytale with the laid-back vibes of a rustic gathering. Picture a whimsical, festival-themed wedding infused with the joy and imagination of a child’s dream birthday party – only with a delightful twist of adult indulgence in the form of a well-stocked bar.

“We wanted lots of colour and fun!” the bride told us. “We also knew that we wanted it fairly rustic, as outdoors as possible with a really relaxed feel with plenty of space for people to sit and relax with a hint of magical fairytale and the ability to run around barefoot.”

Nestled outdoors under the sweeping branches of an ancient oak tree, their ceremony spot was idyllic. Guests sat on mismatched logs and old church pews. A friend strummed Oasis’s Songbird as Georgie walked down the aisle, and Smash Mouth’s I’m A Believer to celebrate the newlyweds as they walked back down together.

Transforming the event into a full-blown festival, the couple invited guests to arrive on Friday for a communal BBQ. Friends and family could pitch tents or settle into cozy tipis, relax in hot tubs and gather around fire pits. The communal effort in decorating created a sense of unity and excitement the night before. “It felt like such a team effort and was amazing to see it all coming together”, Georgie said. “We wanted our friends and family to feel like they’d had a mini holiday/ festival as well as being at a wedding.”

The reception featured DIY decor in the tipis where the dinner of fish n’ chips served out of a vintage horsebox was served. Their cakes were giant Colin the Caterpillar cakes which they cut with a naval sword, an homage to Georgie’s grandfather. As night fell and the live band began, an ice cream van and late night BBQ kept energy levels soaring.

“We absolutely loved how our day came together, I think the only thing we would have changed would have been to have a wedding planner to deal with the farm owner for us to take away that stress”, the bride concluded. “With it not being a wedding venue, dealing with the farm owner constantly changing things even though we’d confirmed them with him previously was very stressful. All of our other suppliers were wonderful and could not have been easier or more helpful.”