DIY Farm Wedding for £800: Jon & Alex

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I am always so incredibly inspired when I see weddings where the budget was small. Far from it seeming like the couple had to make compromises, the ones I get to share always seem to prove that a small budget doesn’t have to mean a budget-looking wedding. In my opinion it is actually often the weddings with the smaller budgets that seem to have the most heart, the most personal details and the most inspiring ideas.

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Jon and Alex had a budget of £2000 for their wedding but wait for it… only spent £800! A big reason for this was that the wedding was held on the bride’s parent’s farm and they helped out with the cost of the marquee. Their professional photographer was a friend (always handy!) which also clearly saved them a big chunk of change. They decided not to have any flowers, Alex’s sister in law made some cupcakes and her mother did all the catering. Instead of hiring an expensive wedding car Alex drove herself to the wedding in her own Ford Fiesta!

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“I just find weddings and the traditional style so incredibly dull”, Alex replied when I asked her about their non-traditional approach. “I have always been amazed how such a wide variety of people always choose a traditional wedding and everyone ends up with the same stuff. I wanted something that was simple and encapsulated us. We had loads of multi-coloured bunting that I had made. It was fun but took hours! We also had lots of bright pompoms made from tissue paper and hung them in coloured sections to match the coloured sections of the bunting. We had fairy lights for ambience. We decorated the tables for lunch with my mum’s lovely lace and embroidered tablecloths, and we even had a 100 year old Victorian bedspread laid out in middle of the marquee! On the tables we had spray painted wine bottles with feathers in and tea lights in jam jars everywhere.”

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Alex spent ages hunting around London for the perfect wedding dress, but in the end found the one she went for in a very surprising place! “My friend (who was also our photographer) Ashlee, is a massive The Only Way is Essex fan and one day she dragged me into Amy Child’s shop. To my amazement I saw this lovely dress amidst the tarty outfits and just thought, I want that! The best thing was it only cost £69 – the most money I have ever spent on a dress or item of clothing ever!”

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“My favourite part of the wedding was that it was at my parent’s farm”, she concluded. “We had our pigmy goats and geese wandering round. We also spent our wedding night in a gypsy caravan which was located on the farm and my dad had made a few years before. It was decked out with a really kitsch interior, such as gingham curtains and a veranda where we drank some champers. I was also happy that some of the guests and my family went for a walk down the cliffs in the middle of the day and saw some baby seals in the cove. Magical!”

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  1. Completely amazing, exactly as a wedding should be. Not about the frivolities and show of wealth, but stripped back and a celebration of the love between two people. Amazingly captured too, really gorgeous natural images! x

  2. Awh! This brought tears to my eyes to see my best friend up here talking about the wonderful she had with her lovely man! Special memories x x x

  3. Sandy

    It was an amazing day, so refreshingly untraditional. As a guest it met all my expectations.
    Wonderful to see Taylorbarnes Photography featured on just about one of the best wedding blogs ever!!!
    Well done Ashlee!

  4. I’m absolutely AMAZED that this gorgeous wedding only cost £800 – this couple are such an inspiration to other couples who want to have a beautiful and creative wedding at a low cost!

    Congratulations to you both and thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

    Jessica ~ Soirée de Luxe xx

  5. The photo’s captured the day beautifully! This was one of the best weddings I have ever been to! Even on a tiny budget, the attention to detail was amazing. It was relaxed and fun and a perfect way to celebrate such a special day. I wish more of the weddings we went to were like that. xxx

  6. Alice

    This looks amazing! With our first baby on the way I’ve been really worried that we’ll never be able to afford to tie the knot, but these guys have given me lots of ideas on how we can save a packet. Good luck to you both 🙂 xXx

  7. Connie

    Lovely wedding but how can you say it’s £800??? The wedding photographer quotes £1000-1200 on their site so unless they got a pretty hefty discount.
    This is my problem I can do everything else for cheap, but unless you know someone it’s impossible to get good photography at a rate that’s affordable (our entire budget is £500)

  8. Post author

    Connie – in the post it states that the photographer was a friend and so shot their wedding as a gift

  9. This couple captured the beauty of wedding days perfectly bu focusing it on them! I love all the DIY. Great pictures as well!

  10. Sazz

    Thank you Alex and Jon for sharing, you’ve given me tonnes of inspiration for our big day next year x (Ive even got my Amy Childs dress, I can’t believe I was even looking at them lol!!)
    BBs x

  11. Miriam

    she looks hot( in a good way) and those kids are beautiful. Love the wedding and the budget.

  12. Taylor did a fantastic job with the photos! Far too many wedding photographers do not achieve such nice photographs when they are being paid thousands, let alone doing the photography as a favour to a mate. Jon and Alex did a great job too – looks like it was a very fun day.


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