A Bride in Blue (Stockings)

Fiona Harding Photography

August 3, 2015

blue-stocking-bride_Fiona-Harding (65)

Shot around Fitzroy in Melbourne, this photo shoot was set up by photographer Fiona Harding to show that weddings don’t have to be expensive, traditional affairs to be utterly beautiful!

blue-stocking-bride_Fiona-Harding (30)

“I wanted to theme this shoot around a city hall elopement”, Fiona writes. “That meant a tight budget, non-traditional, urban affair that was 100% about being fun, quirky and different. The vintage halter dress was the pioneering piece of inspiration and the shoot grew around that.”

blue-stocking-bride_Fiona-Harding (51)

“It’s my dream to shoot real weddings that are a colourful in spirit. I sometimes feel a little lost in the wedding world that can be quite formulaic. I’m at my creative happiest when I get to be a part of something different, something that’s fun and unique because that’s really when I’m most inspired.”

blue-stocking-bride_Fiona-Harding (90)