A Symphony of Love and Dachshunds

Chris Snowden Photography

December 18, 2023

With the bride working as a frontline Covid nurse throughout the pandemic, Charlie and Steve wanted one thing for their summer 2022 wedding – for it to be the light amongst the darkness for everyone who was there.

The couple aimed to create a day filled with joy, relaxation, and their favourite things – music and Dachshunds. Steve’s love for metal and the ’80s and Charlie’s penchant for pop punk and rock, set the musical tone. Their three adorable sausage dogs – Sylvester, Willow and Connie – played a starring role and they even served Dachshund-themed cocktails named after each furry family member.

“Our day wasn’t just for us, it was for all of our friends family and loved ones, to celebrate what we have all been through together”, the bride wrote, “We happened to get to celebrate getting married too! The whole day start to finish was wonderful. Did things go wrong? Yes! Did we care? Not at all! The meal was absolutely divine but yes I did drop tomato salsa on my dress. Luckily the Tide pen in the bathroom box fixed it!”

The wedding brimmed with unique elements, from personalised guitar picks used as table confetti to a guitar case card box, LPs as table names, an alcoholic lollipop station, a homemade wedding cake and a temporary tattoo station. “I think every single person, including my aunts and uncles in their 70s used the temporary tattoo station!” Charlie said. “However seeing a five year old on the dance floor with a forehead tattoo that said ‘Not Today Satan’ may have been the best one I saw.”

They opted to get married on a Monday, which not only saved them money on the venue hire, but no one seemed to care it wasn’t over the weekend. “I wish I’d realised sooner that nobody cares what day of the week you get married on! We had a Monday wedding and I was so worried people wouldn’t make it but they did. I realised that if they want to, they’ll be there no matter what.”

Charlie and Steve’s advice to engaged couples is to be true to yourselves and break free from the traditions you don’t care about, “You do you!” Charlie concluded. “Don’t conform to the wedding norms if it isn’t your thing. People will love you more for being yourself and having the wedding your way.”