Vintage Wedding at the Royal Observatory: Sarah & Paul

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Sarah & Paul and were married in September at the royal observatory – Queen’s House in Greenwich. They went for a English vintage theme with a twist. It reflected the things they love in their everyday lives.

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“The wedding theme was English vintage as I am big into my vintage clothing and music so things needed to be pretty but with an eccentric twist”, wrote the bride. “I didn’t want it to be a Cath Kidston wet dream and neither did I feel that an out-and-out rocking festival would have suited us so we went for something in between! I love typography and so that was instantly worked into our invites and other paper goods (I made the majority using pretty parchment card and downloading fonts from the internet).”

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“My mum wanted me to have a very pretty, pretty wedding. I think she saw me in a long dress and getting married in my old school chapel. She freaked when I mentioned button bouquets and yes, I did have to back down on that one! I started to consider backing down on the short wedding dress thing, but after watching Grace Kelly in Rear Window and seeing her in her amazing dresses, there was no way that I wanted anything other than a short dress! I’m not a froufrou sit down and look pretty princess. I pull lots of faces and talk ten to the dozen so I needed a dress that reflected my personality, not one that would create a new one. This idea dripped into a lot of the elements of the wedding.”

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“I loved everything about our wedding. Seriously, our wedding was such a high for everyone. My younger brother met my older brother for the first time, the wife of my cousin who had a stroke danced for the first time since his accident, I forgetting my lines during the ceremony and laughing like a goon – so many things made it an exceptionally amazing as a day. A friend mentioned that it was like watching two kids playing at getting married!”

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“I hired the most incredible photographer and videographer”, Sarah concluded. “They both are truly masters of their crafts. It ate a lot of our budget up, but realistically that is all you have once the day is over. There are things like copious amounts of ribbon that I could have spent less on (I’m glad I’m a primary school teacher!) but I would warn every couple to make sure that they spend as much as they possibly can on their photos and video as you miss so much on the day.”

Don’t miss their fab super-8 wedding video. I love it!

Fabulous! Thank you to Sarah & Paul, their photographer Andrea Ellison and filmmaker Mark W Brown for sharing with us today.



  1. I knew these gorgeous photos were by Andrea Ellison as soon as I saw them! What a beautiful wedding can’t think of a better photographer to suit this beautiful vintage wedding x

  2. What lovely, lovely photos! Love all of the details — especially the pink petticoat under the dress and Paul’s striped socks. We’re so honored to have designed Sarah & Paul’s invitations. Congratulations!

  3. I am the luckiest cake lady in the whole world… every now and then I get to work with a Bride who I am then lucky enough to call a friend.

    Sarah and Paul are the most gorgeous couple, completely madly crazy about each other and this radiates through each one of these pictures and the amazing film too.

    I am so proud to have been a little tasty part of their big day.


  4. Mel Hunter

    I was at this wedding. My husband was the grooms best man. We had a fab time and the whole day was just brill. I was glad to be a part of it. Sarah and Paul are a great couple.

  5. I liked the fun and happyness on every ones faces.

    I’m a amateur photographer and did once my best wedding pictures (on film, not digital) a decade ago.
    When I picked up the pictures and later showed the book the comment was : BEAUTIFUL ! Even better than a pro.

    Two years ago I went on my knee for the most beautiful girl in the world at the meridiaan-line at the Royal Observatory.

    Once I want to marry in a castle in England.

    For you : HAPPY MARRIAGE and I liked this film !

    With regards, Hugo (Holland)


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