Leah & Peter’s Red + Black Rockabilly Wedding

Leah & Peter had a red & black themed rockabilly wedding. They kept the fact that they had got married earlier in the day a surprise from a lot of their guests but made sure all the most important people were in attendance…including their two (very well dressed!) pugs.

“We were never officially engaged (Peter bought my my black pug Ziggy instead of an engagement ring!) we just always knew we would get married and with both of us turning 30 in June 2010 was as good a reason as any,” Leah told me. !We never wanted to be the kind of people who let the real reason for getting married to be overshadowed by stressing about table placings etc so we focused on what would make us have a good time at the party and turned the tables so people were leaving with things that we had bought!”

“We spent a lot of our budget on the sweet buffet/ice cream sundae bar and also put 125 little bottles of shots on the tables (Peter hand painted them with different designs) and had free champagne and cardboard cadillacs on the tables filled with all kinds of things like bubbles, lipglosses, toys, games, sunglasses, badges, mirrors, mexican jumping beans. We also made 100 cd’s of songs that we liked and we called it “Cats, Pugs and Rock n Roll!” We also had a lot of 1950’s pictures and we let everyone take them away with them. Someone even got the cardboard Marilyn Monroe cut-out, we just wanted everyone to have a good time.”

“When we made the announcement that we got married, most people were very happy for us and some asked us what we wanted for a wedding present and our response was (the same to the people) who knew about the wedding “nothing”, we’ve been together a long time, we have our own house, we don’t need anything, we just wanted to have a really good party and celebrate our way plus people will always remember it. We didn’t want people to get hung up on the wedding details or pay a lot of money out. All we wanted to do was get married our way and luckily we had my family who were slightly bemused but very accepting and some good friends who were sworn to secrecy about the day time but really helped! It was a real team effort and we got out of it what we put in! Planning a wedding doesn’t have to be hard and there are no rules that you “must” follow! My best advice is to go for what you both love!”

Lots of love to Leah & Peter and thanks for sharing your day with us today.

Photography Credit: CD Foto
Reception Venue: The Rosehill Club
Bride’s Dress: Honeypie Boutique
Bride’s Hairclip: Jammer Designz on etsy
Bride’s Shoes: IronFist
Custom Portrait/Guestbook: Illustrated Ink on etsy
Flowers: I Do Take U on etsy
Cake Topper: Custom made by an etsy seller (no longer trading)
Bridesmaid Dresses: Collectif
Invitations: Viva La Violette on etsy


  1. Salma

    What an amazing British wedding! I would have thought it was American until I saw it in the British Brides category. Absolutely amazing! I wonder if the bridesmaids always wear their hair like that or if they got it done especially for the wedding? That’s dedication to your bride!!

  2. oh wow, those girls have amazing hair doo’s!!!

    congrats to the beautiful bride and her man!!! i love a rockabilly themed wedding!! *swoons*

  3. Congratulations to an amazing wedding and amazing pictures for two of the nicest people I have the good fortune to call friends.

    Don’t you think Peter looks a bit like a young Charlie Sheen? 😉

  4. Andrea

    I was lucky enough to be invited to the evening party and it was amazing! Everyone had a brilliant time and as Leah said it was definitely a night to remember! I wouldn’t of expected anything less from this gorgeous couple though 🙂

  5. Pugs + sweets+ Day of the dead = me weeing myself in excitement! LOVE the DOTD guest frame, i really really wanted one but the H2B said no and put his foot down (sad face). Amazing wedding!

  6. Leah

    Ah cheers everyone for your lovely comments!It was a great day and the bridesmaids made a special effort with the hair!We’ve got 9 years to plan our joint 40th/10th anniversary now:-) x

  7. jennie

    what a brilliant wedding, everybody must of had such a great day, looks amazing. x

  8. Roxxy Bones

    I’m booking my wedding tomorrow and I’m going for a red and black rockabilly theme! She even has the dress I’m about to order! The whole wedding looks gorge!

  9. Teegzie Pitt

    I LOVE her shoes! I love all the small details too, really made the wedding look amazing! It looks like it was an awesome, crazy fun party… exactly what a wedding should be!

  10. luna

    OMG OMG OMG I want the hair, i want the shoes and i want the dogs!! and the cake topper!! This is one of those weddings that you get so excited about you start typing REALLY fast!!!


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