Modern Bohemian Wedding at The Flaming Lips Art Gallery: Bryan & Brittany

Amanda Watson Photography

March 20, 2014


Bryan and Brittany live in New York but were married in Oklahoma where most of their friends and family still live. They’d planned a very different wedding originally, wanting an all outdoor affair, but, just five weeks before the big day they realised it just wasn’t going to work and they had to find another venue. Panic stations! Luckily, they came across The Womb art gallery, owned by Wayne Coyne, lead singer of The Flaming Lips. They asked him if he’d consider letting them have their wedding there, which he not only agreed to but he came along and partied with them too! Now that, my friends, is pure Rock n Roll.


“Our wedding was a bohemian modern, inspired by Oklahoma and south west wild flowers and all things 1960s”, began the bride. “We didn’t follow a lot of rules. I really don’t like the uniform look that comes with most weddings. I hate when bridesmaids and the rest of the bridal party are forced into outfits that don’t make them feel great and or confident so that’s why our bridal party all look different. We gave them a theme to shoot for so it still came up fun and cohesive! We really just had ‘throwing a party’ in mind for the whole wedding! We wanted to celebrate our love the best we could and the best we knew how! We just wanted something very laid back and uplifting and so very us!!”


“We had so many struggles and the worst of luck during the planning process though,” she continued. “We were living in Brooklyn during the process but planning everything for Oklahoma where most of our friends and family reside. We were hoping for an outdoor wedding that we built from scratch but we soon learned that that would turn into a very costly and time consuming process. At the time it was a nightmare, but it soon turned into a blessing when we realized our outdoor venue location was just too far from being capable to host a large wedding. We realized this wasn’t going to happen five weeks out from the wedding and invites had already been sent out! After a few sleepiness nights and stress I had wondered if any weddings had ever taken place at the The Womb art gallery.”


“Neither me or my husband had ever been inside the gallery because it was closed for renovations for a while and then had just recently reopened around the time we lost our original spot. So, being only acquaintances and having a handful of mutual friends, we managed to reach out to Wayne. He was so on board with everything and showed us such mercy with the hell that we had gone through that the venue was ours to use at no cost to us!!! Just an absolute blessing!”


“So, two weeks before the wedding we saw the venue, which was great but also needed a lot of work done to make it our own but somehow we managed in such a short time! We had our ceremony outside in a small park where family and friends stood around us and then hopped in cars and scooted over to the The Womb for the most magical evening! It couldn’t have been more perfect!!!”


The couple really wanted their ceremony to be special and unique. They are both Christian
but were really not into the idea of a traditional church ceremony. “My husband being of Native American decent (Cherokee to be exact) really loved making dream catchers and what they represented”, she explained. “He constructed a large and modern dream catcher with tons of feathers for the back drop of our ceremony. During the union his father played ‘Your Song’ by Elton John while we tied a crystal into the middle of the dream catcher. The crystal was typically the last piece added to the construction of a dream catcher and represented clarity, which we liked that idea to represent our future together!”


“Our wedding was pure magic”, she concluded. “The only thing I’d wish we did differently was stressing out so much. Gosh, why did I sweat those little things?? I let them catch up to me and the idea of what I thought people were expecting out of our wedding that I forgot to have fun with it!! I’m not a super great planner but had I just kept my eyes on the prize, which is I GET TO MARRY MY BFF, I think I would’ve had a much easier time with it all.”