A Proposal at Home with Rock n Roll Bride Magazine!

Emerald Photography

December 7, 2020

Call us vain, but we love hearing how Rock n Roll Bride magazine has helped with your wedding planning, but this may be a first! When Kirsty proposed to Vicky last year she used a copy of the magazine to do it!

She told us all about it, “On Sunday 17th November 2019, we were preparing to celebrate our one year anniversary. Vicky was keen for us to do a cute couple’s photo shoot (I do a fair bit of modelling so photo shoots are a fairly regular occurrence for me). I decided to take this idea and run with it, going all out with hair, makeup and wardrobe to give her the full VIP experience.”

“I knew I wanted to propose, and had actually bought an engagement ring several months earlier and had hidden it at my friend’s house! I’d also been meeting up in secret with my photographer friend Debbie to plan how best to capture the moment. I’m naturally quite a showboat whereas Vicky is a little more private so a photo shoot in our beautiful home seemed like the right balance of intimate and ostentatious! To give the proposal a strong element of tradition, I’d discussed my plan with Vicky’s parents who were quick to give their enthusiastic approval.”

“On the day, I’d constructed a giant rainbow balloon arch in our living room. After taking some beautifully intimate boudoir photos together we changed into glamorous attire and moved through to the living room for a change of scenery. During the course of the photo shoot I told Vicky I had a surprise for her. Whilst her eyes were closed, I got down on one knee and pulled out a vintage sapphire and diamond engagement ring from my cleavage. When she opened her eyes, I asked her to marry me and the rest is history!”

“After many tears and a stuttered soliloquy set to the tones of Fleetwood Mac’s You Make Loving Fun, I presented Vicky with a box filled with letters of support from our respective families, wee trinkets and goodies and a subscription to Rock n Roll Bride of course!”

“After Vicky had recovered and called her family to share the amazing news, I had one more surprise in store. In the midst of all the excitement our photographer Debbie had contacted our best friends (who were hiding in the flat upstairs from us) who made their way to our local beach (we live right on the seafront). Debbie and I then suggested heading outside to get some celebratory shots during golden hour and led Vicky down to the beach. As we walked over the sand dunes, our best friends were waiting with streamers, confetti and big smiles! Cue happy tears all over again.”

What an amazing story and their wedding sounds like it’s going to be just as wonderful. Set for 9th October 2021, the three year anniversary of when Vicky first slid into Kirtsy’s Instagram DMs! “We are getting married at Branxholm Park Estate, a stately house tucked away in the Scottish Borders”, Kirsty explained. “Our overall theme for the wedding is an opulent autumnal queer fairytale. One of the first things we booked was a glitter makeup bar for our guests to enjoy! We’ll be including our growing taxidermy collection in our table settings and Kirsty will be brewing homemade elderflower champagne to serve as wedding favours.”

“Vicky’s dad is helping out by creating several DIY projects including a personalised love swing and vintage style sweetie cart! As Vicky is a tattoo artist to trade, she will be designing our wedding stationery and a few creative surprises along the way.”

Ahh we can’t wait to see it. Congratulations Kirsty and Vicky!