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An Intimate Brunch Ceremony & A Karaoke After Party in Vegas


Earth To Madison

October 20, 2023

Tina and Carly's journey to their wedding day began with a realisation: traditional weddings just weren't their style. The prospect of planning a large, conventional ceremony left them feeling overwhelmed (and stressed) so they wanted to do something which felt more intimate and genuine. This was no mean feat, with them both coming from large extended families, but in the end they found the perfect balance between elopement and a larger celebration.

Inclusive Wedding Shoot that Breaks the Heteronormative Mold


Sydney Rae

September 14, 2023

When real couple Anna and Rose were invited to take part in a photo shoot with some inclusive wedding vendors, they didn’t hesitate to say yes to the opportunity to get some cute couple shots. Organised by Becca of Wed 2 You, a plus size, pansexual wedding planner from Washington DC, the concept behind the shoot was to was to showcase and highlight the LGBTQ+ community in the wedding realm.

Festive, Movie Themed Wedding with Street Food & A Black Wedding Dress


Shutter Go Click

August 15, 2023

It may be summer (allegedly!) still, but if you're planning a festive wedding with an alternative edge then you are going to love Caro and Sam's celebration. Being non-binary, Caro in particular didn't vibe with a lot of the traditional wedding messaging, so they opted to do things their own way. Caro wore a custom made black dress from Lucy Can't Dance, they hired a the street food venue as their location and planned the day together.