Stress-Free & Sparkly Belgravia Pub Wedding

Beatrici Photography

October 9, 2019

Ashlie and Steph wanted a stress and fuss-free pub wedding with minimal details and things to worry about! Although they made the table numbers, photo booth and favours themselves, they also didn’t stress over them. The most important thing was that they had a day that felt like them and that they were married by the end of it!

Their ceremony was held at Chelsea Old Town Hall followed by a reception at The Orange public house in Belgravia, where they actually had their very first date. “We wanted a wedding that had the focus on people and not details”, Ashlie began, “and i think we created that perfectly. Having vegan food and drink was also very important to me.”

“Our main theme was just to be us and to enjoy it! We just knew we wanted it to be about us, family, friends and good vibes, everything else wasn’t of massive value to us. We didn’t want to sweat the small stuff so we lowered it on our priority pecking order, we still looked at the details but didn’t fuss over it.”

Ashlie wore an all-over silver sequin gown from Abigail of Gardenia while Steph looked stunning in her Monsoon number. Their ceremony wasn’t their main priority during the planning but on the day it was such a special moment.

“We had quite low expectations for our registry office ceremony, but it was so very lovely”, she continued. “My Dad was very late and missed the start of the ceremony, which was a little tough at the time but gives us something to laugh about now! Your wedding is probably the only time in your life that you have everyone you love all in one room together so it feels very magical and full of joy which is how the ceremony felt to us. We also asked our friend to play the guitar for our ceremony and he played a song he wrote himself which we love, which was extra special.”

Their advice to other couples would be to lead by example when setting the tone for your wedding. Ashlie concludes, “At other wedding I go to I often looks at the couple to set the tone of the day. Which meant we wanted to enjoy ourselves to the max to encourage our guest to have the best time too. Our other advice would be, of course, don’t listen to anyone else! It’s your day so be you! If you want to do something, live life and do it. If you don’t want to do something don’t be swayed by ‘but you have to its tradition’ – it doesn’t have to be your tradition!”