Colourful Woodland Wedding with Dominos and the Notorious B.I.G

Emma + Rich

October 18, 2018

Katy and Mark are my new best friends. No, but in all seriousness, their wedding looks like SO MUCH FUN and I think you’re going to fall in love with them instantly. With a loose theme of colour and fun, a focus on it being a carbfest (we’re talking fish and chips for and then Dominos later on) and eclectic and wonderful decor, it’s a super beautiful and inspiring day by all accounts.

“We didn’t necessarily have a set theme,” Katy says, “but I guess if I were to name one, it would be colour. We just did what we wanted, with no set theme or real formalities (bar the ceremony)!”

As Katy has worked in the wedding industry for most of her life, she had a head start on the planning. “I would say that it is amazing how quickly your budget/imagination can run away with you! When we first started planning we did get carried away and it started to resemble a fun fair – yes, with a waltzer and everything – but that didn’t really sit well with our budget. So we started again and stuck to what we needed and what we wanted it to be about: Our close friends and family and food, of course –  lots of carbs! It was a total carb fest!” They ordered yummy finger food from M&S, had a fish and chip van for their main food and ordered Dominos pizza for their evening buffet.

“Without a doubt, the ceremony was our favourite part of the day,” Katy explains. Her two best friends walked her down the aisle towards their outdoor ceremony area, the beautiful pergola in the middle of the woods at Two Woods, Sussex. “It was magical! The sun was coming down through the tree top canopy, the birds were singing and it was beautiful and intimate. We had our friend Carley read out excerpts from one of our favourite songs, Juicy by Notorious B.I.G.”

The day was full to the bright and beautiful brim with DIY projects. You’ll notice pom-poms everywhere in the pictures, all made by Katy and her friends. She also made embroideries for the tables. And whatever Katy couldn’t make and didn’t have at home, they’d buy from charity shop, car boot sales, or eBay. “Making all the things was the best thing about the wedding planning!” she exclaims. “Oh, and buying random stuff from charity shops. I may have a hoarding problem…”

The only flowers they had were the magnificent colour pop arrangement that was Katy’s bouquet, and she also saved money on her wedding outfit, wearing £4 jelly shoes from eBay (“What’s not to love?!” she says.) She looked AMAZING with a low up-do and some turquoise statement earrings from Bershka (I LOVE A STATEMENT BRIDAL EARRING!) Instead of a wedding cake, they also had a piñata, which Katy “absolutely trashed” according to Mark, and they asked their guests to sign Doris, their mannequin, by way of a guestbook.

When we asked Katy and Mark what the worst thing about their wedding was, they say: “You can only do that one wedding once! Katy has so many ideas and only one day to do it in. She has four maybe five different wedding ideas stored away…just in case.”

So watch this space, I guess!