Celestial, Crystal & Bohemian Wedding in Dublin

Emma May Photography

December 17, 2016


When jewellery designer Kayleigh married Neal in Dublin, they picked a theme to reflect the bride’s passion. Being obsessed with raw crystals and metallics meant they ended up with a theme that included stars, crystals and a touch of boho.


“We really didn’t want a traditional wedding with a church and hotel ballroom, it’s just not us”, said Kayleigh. “Even though it turned out a bit more traditional than we thought, I think our personal touches made it our own. We didn’t want to feel like strangers at our own wedding. The main thing for us was for it to be cheap (we planned everything on a shoestring!) and easy for our guests, and for everyone to have a nice chilled time.”


“So much of the wedding was done by ourselves and our friends and family. My parents organised the invitations and lavender for the favours, my Mum helped supply the decorations, and a lot of it came from our home (like the candle holders, crystals and table decorations). I created mood boards and gave them along with the decorations to my friend Jenny from who took everything and turned it into our perfect reception space. She did an amazing Job!”


“The one thing I wish I’d known before we started planning was that as chilled as you want to be about your wedding day… no one else is as chilled about it as you! It’s a lot to organise and people like to know whats being planned all the time. Planning a chilled wedding isn’t always that chill!”