Budget Friendly Tattooed Tea Party Wedding at The Dome Cinema: Jess & Jordan

Lisa Jane Photography

One of the questions people always ask me when we meet is, “don’t you ever get bored of writing about weddings?” And I always say, with the utmost honestly, that if they saw all the amazing weddings I get to look at on a daily basis they, like me, would never get bored!

When wedding photographer Lisa Jane showed me just one sneak peek from Jess and Jordan’s Brighton wedding I got excited. I just knew that a couple as cool as these two would have had an amazing wedding – and I was right! This is what Rock n Roll weddings are all about!

Lisa Jane Photography

The day was held at The Dome Cinema in Worthing. West Sussex and this was a budget wedding to beat all budget weddings! The bride’s dress was from Modcloth, the bridesmaid’s dresses were from New Look and TX Maxx and everything for the reception – the cake (made by a friend), the stationery and the décor – were DIY. The groom wore clothes that he either already owned or that he found in vintage shops and they forgoed flowers completely. They spent less than £3000 in total.

“We met while in past relationships”, began Jess. “Hardships ensued and we found ourselves leaning on each other. We needed each other and became inseparable. My mum always says we were lost souls that finally found each other. Three years on we have a gorgeous daughter and we’ve never been stronger.”

Lisa Jane Photography

“We didn’t really have a theme as such but we chose Halloween as our day and the venue did everything for us with the views and the tea rooms”, she continued. “We didn’t set out to have an ‘alternative wedding’, it was just the norm for us. We are set in our ways with our lifestyle to the point we don’t think about it. We own a tattoo shop and my husband has been in bands most of his life. I guess we gravitate to what’s unusual in other peoples eyes. The day was purely just us to a T right down to our daughter’s Dr Marten boots under her frilly dress and the date we chose.”

Lisa Jane Photography

“One of my favourite moments was during the speeches. My husband is straight edge and we played down the alcohol part of the wedding, a risk I know but we are lucky in friends who respected our wishes. Instead of raising a glass one friend raised a fist, then everyone did. It was an awesome totally effortless punk rock moment that has stuck with me.”

Lisa Jane Photography

“We spent the most on our amazing photographer”, she concluded. “I had decided on Lisa before we were even engaged I’m so over the moon with the photos it’s unreal. Knowing talented (and generous) people saved us lots of cash. I did a lot of things myself or with the help of friends. My advice to future brides and grooms would be to keep it simple. Simple is ok. With the right venue and guests your wedding is done, everything else is a bonus.”

Lisa Jane Photography



    The beautiful photographs capture such tenderness between Jess & Jordan – magical stuff!

  2. Amal bolbol

    Wow, the love between Jess and Jordan clearly shows through in every picture. Brought tears to my eyes. Flippin’ awesome! Congrats guys!

  3. Maggie

    Am I the only one who thinks that the Bride and Kat are very alike? I mean, look at their faces… in my opinion the girls are very simmilar!

  4. So damn cool! I also got married on Halloween (best date ever!), but I can only wish as was as effortlessly cool as these guys. 😛

  5. Fantastic! I love all the photos so much – and what a spectacular collection for them to remember their day.

  6. I LOVE this!! Probably beacause I’m also having a DIY tea party wedding 🙂 What an amazing location, I adore their venues, and the photographs are so full of love – they must have had an amazing day! xx

  7. Sarah

    Oh, this is lovely. It appeals to me on so many levels, especially the punk values – and the budget. We only spent around £1200, for our wedding – and the biggest spend for us, too, was the photographer.

    We got married in a Victorian cemetery – I wore a 2nd (3rd, 4th?) hand 1950s dress, and the priciest part of out outfits was my husband’s superb Harris tweed waistcoat.

  8. Love it! Lisa Jane was also our wedding photographer-so so pleased we found her, I love these photos and the tea party!


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