Light V’s Dark: A Pre-Raphaelite Inspired Same-Sex Wedding Shoot

Neil Thomas Douglas

November 7, 2016


Inspired by pre-Raphaelite paintings, the gothic surroundings of Carlowrie Castle and the juxtaposition between light and dark, florist Lisa Gaston and MUA Laura Gray wanted to put together a shoot that depicted two beautiful brides with very different styles, but very much in love.

“Our initial inspiration came from the beautifully haunting images of fashion photographer Paolo Roversi and the romantic yet strong portrayals of women in pre-Raphaelite paintings”, explained Lisa. “We were also inspired by the surroundings at Carlowrie Castle.”


“We wanted to tell the story about two beautiful young brides who have run off to marry one another in their dream woodland setting. We picked two brides instead of a bride and groom as our models because we wanted one to be styled a bit more traditionally (our elegant, bouquet carrying brunette) alongside her edgier partner (our fiery, fierce red head). We felt there have been plenty of styled shoots depicting two ‘brides’ but not really any that focused on the real deal – two gorgeous girls, in love and actually marrying one another.”


“We really wanted to show off our edgier, darker style and bring these two elements together… Beautiful, elegant and seductive meets dark, moody and mystical. We worked with the amazing photographer Neil Thomas Douglas as we needed someone who could rock the light v’s dark look. We adore his work.”


“This shoot is for all those brides out there who feel pressured (or maybe just want to) have some more traditional or pretty elements included in their day, but also want to rock it up a bit! Just because you’re getting married in a luxurious castle venue or wearing a beautiful wedding gown, doesn’t mean you can’t be a Rock n Roll bride!”


“Our advice to those brides would be to scour your venue for interesting nooks and crannies, ditch the pretty lace top and throw on a jumper. If a bouquets isn’t for you then why not wear a floral necklace instead!?”