Creative Without Any Restrictions: Alternative Bridal Shoot at Belt Craft Studios

Lisa Jane Photography

When some of my favourite wedding suppliers get together for a shoot at one of my favourite locations (we shot the Crown and Glory headpieces in the same studio) I get very excited indeed… and even more so when they ask if I’d like to feature the results afterwards! Wedding photographer Lisa Jane explains, “Elbie posted a picture on twitter one day, asking if anyone wanted to get involved in an inspiration shoot inspired by it and I took one look and jumped at the chance to collaborate with her. Within minutes we also had the lovely Jo from The Couture Company offering to design us a dress for it and Abby From Cherished Vintage offering headpieces. It was amazing to be able to get creative without any restrictions. Everyone let their imaginations run wild.”

Lisa Jane Photography

“The headpiece was made especially for the shoot”, continued Abby. “I sourced all the vintage jewellery pieces from antique and vintage fairs and markets – looking for the right colours, textures and shapes to suit the wonderful mood board put together by Elbie and Lisa. It was a lovely opportunity to use lots of different coloured jewels in the design and although much larger than the pieces I usually create for my brides, I followed a similar design process and it is a good example of what Cherished can do for our bespoke clients.”

Lisa Jane Photography

“In the run up to the shoot, Elbie and I went Pinterest crazy”, Lisa said. “We also met a few times to talk about the shoot and sketch out ideas. We filled pages of my notebook with ideas and sketches and Elbie embraced my love of Polaroid. We were really lucky that Jo really got what we wanted to do and embellished one of her stunning dresses to create something really unique for us. That woman has some crazy skills and when we took delivery of the dress, Elbie and I did a little dance. We were so lucky that Abby ran with our ideas and created a bespoke headpiece, that blew us away.”

Lisa Jane Photography

“This really was a collaboration between the four of us and it was great to see everyone get carried away with the inspiration. I love how the shoot really shows how creative the wedding industry really is and how we all have such a passion for what we do. I am so proud to have been a part of this shoot and to have worked with these amazingly talented people.”




  1. Absolutely honoured to have worked with such awesome people xx Love it…and thanks for the gown love folks xxx


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