Alternative Transgender Wedding Shoot

Meliabelle Photography

November 15, 2016


I’m not sure if I’ve seen a wedding shoot with a transgender model before which is why I am so excited to share this one with you today. Photographer Meghan Melia explains the inspiration behind this shoot.

“While brainstorming for this styled session, I knew I wanted to include diversity. Bringing the focus of the story around a transgender couple was something that was near to my heart, and I wasn’t alone. This was something that was important to everyone participating.”


“Seth began his journey from female to male in December of 2015. I was following his updates
and progress on social media and I remember feeling so deeply excited for him and his
acceptance of his true self. I was nervous reaching out to him, we had never met in person, but I
knew that this was important and I wanted to share images showing his accomplishments.”


“Thankfully, he was super excited to be a part of the session. While Seth was really the theme, the group of talented vendors all contributed their own creative flare to the shoot. The main goal of the session was to bring more attention and shine a light onto the LGBT community.”


“I hope that the message behind these images is inspiring”, she continued. “We see a lot of same sex weddings published in well known blogs but I have not seen a feature involving a transgender model. And with some recent changes in the US on transgender individuals and their rights, we wanted to blast some positivity back. It is important to bring more attention to the community and continue to diminish any stigma attached.”




  1. Wowsers! Wild Coco rocked this with her beautiful flowers. I’m so lucky to have worked with her a few times already and look forward to working with her again.
    This is so unique and beautiful I wish I had the confidence that this woman does. I hope it’s infectious and we all catch some of her good vibe, I wish there were more people like Harnaam Kaur and I wish more people were as accepting as the Rock n Roll Bride community has been.

  2. Love the message in this… it does take a lot of our energy to have negative feelings about appearance and that one simple act of switching to feeling positive about our bodies’ uniqueness can make a huge difference to mental and physical health. Harnaam is very inspiring role model and the world is a better place because she survived the bullying. Brilliant shoot, my hat is off to all involved. I predict floral lady beards will be the new flower crowns 🙂

  3. This article couldn’t have come at a better time for me. This month I have really been struggling with my PCOS – the emotional fears, the physical pain and the embarrassing symptoms. I LOVE this shoot so much.

    Harnaam you’re incredible. Thank you for being the best role model a PCOS girl can have! and thanks Kat for sharing these pictures – I’ve been very inspired today.

  4. I’m so proud to have worked on this shoot with so many awesome people, but mostly I’m honoured to have met and worked with Harnaam. She’s an absolute inspiration, I wish I had half her confidence. Thanks for featuring our work, Kat x

  5. This is absolutely beautiful. I got quite emotional reading it. Harnaam you are such an inspiration to me.

    I’ve also suffered from PCOS since a teenager and have dealt with bullying and laughter (even now at 31) about my hair on my face and back. I shave my beard daily and still feel self conscious.

    This shoot is so empowering. I am so so so beyond happy that Harnaam decided to turn her life around and take such a positive stance. You are wonderful.


  6. sanaya

    I cried reading this!! I am a 22 year old girl suffering from PCOD or PCOS when I was in school I was always told how beautiful I would look if I would loose weight if I had no beard. Waxing used to be unbearable and used to do more harm then good , I used to have face covered with blisters due to waxing. My mother has always supported me she always tells me how beautiful I I am. I am grateful that I have beautiful friends who accept me the way I am. I am learned to accept my body slowly. You are a great inspiration!

  7. Kayla

    I have PCOS too! I know what its like to be hairy and masculine as a female.

  8. Vanessa Aristizabal

    Harnaam, you are amazing!!. You are such an inspiration to me. Thank you so much.

  9. Lizzie M

    Harnaam, you are truly a beautiful soul. And a BIG inspiration to me! Much love x

  10. Mona

    It would also have been nice to see her hair down since she is embracing her female side, along with her tattoos and floral beard. I love that she is embracing everything about herself and that’s the way it should be and shame on people for telling her otherwise.

  11. As many as 5 million women in the US suffer from PCOS. Most receive medical care that improves hormone balance and thus side effects like excessive beard growth are unusual here. Please don’t just take Harmaan’s photo and then leave her to experience the other side effects of this disease: infertility, diabetes at an early age, increased risk of heart attack and high blood pressure. You made money on this photo shoot, now please send her to the Mayo Clinic or some other top medical institution that will help her improve her health. Continued extreme hormonal imbalance jeopardizes her ability to have children or live a long healthy life. Proper medical care is a right every human should have. She is a strong woman to accept her fate without shame. But now let’s give her the opportunity to greatly improve her health. And let’s work to improve health care for women everywhere.

  12. marg

    pcos can and should be treated. it has many possible serious complications such as diabetes and uterine cancer. it is obviously a hormone imbalance. trust me i know.

  13. Why

    Wow! What a beautiful young lady, both inside and out! We need more people like you in this world.

  14. Tracy Helen Palmer

    i have PCOS too. In High school, people said that I have hairs on my face and arms. I used tweezers to pick the hair out a lot of times in the washrooms with sitting on the sink and being close to the mirrors. I went to see specialists who said that shaving hair was cheapest. I went to the appointments to have electrolysis treatments. It was waste of time. I still have the hairs on face, neck, arms and legs for over 30 years now since I was teenager. Yesterday I was told that I had hairs on my face and was asked to shave them. I shaved them this morning. People are still not accepting that women have hair on their faces. I do not mind having hair on face and am very sensitive to people. I find this Bride to be very brave. I have not experienced full beard. I have experienced part beard. Women with PCOS can be equal as men too. Men can shave their hairs. Women can leave their hairs alone. It is good too that this Bride shows her long head hair too. Very brave of this bride. I find you to be the mirror for women with PCOS.

  15. I’m so moved by this. We moan about the silly things in life but then you read about stuff like this and it puts it all into perspective. So inspiring, I can’t even tell you. I can’t help but well up when I look at these photographs. What an incredibly brave and wonderful human being.

  16. spurgle

    I find it amazing that there are (at this count) two commenters who believe they know how to treat Harnaam’s PCOS better than she does – without having met her, without knowing anything about her other than what’s in this article. It’s pretty damn insulting to Harnaam and her family. She’s had PCOS the majority of her life, I think we can assume she knows what she’s doing.

  17. @j7vii

    Harnaam, you are wise, beautiful, and powerful!

    Thank you for sharing and encouraging all who will listen that it is just fine to accept ourselves without conditions.

    Thank you, lovely lady!

  18. Theresa

    I first saw you on tv n i thought how beautiful u are. Than i heard you speal and tears ran down my face, you are so strong, i wish i can be as strong as you are. God bless you

  19. kate

    This had me sobbing. I too have PCOS and am not even a fraction as strong as this woman. Similar story growing up, too. Such a beautiful bride, beautiful person. Thank you for giving me hope in myself, that I too can be wonderful and my disorder does not define me.

  20. Oh, wow. I was searching for information to write a post in my blog on my body dysmorphic disorder when I came across this article. I do not have PCOS, but I do have extra body hair, or at least I feel I do. For years I tweezed my leg hairs because I felt so ugly, then the hairs would ingrow, and I would use implements to dig them out, and over and over again. I had sores and scabs and ingrown hairs all over my legs from years of doing this. About 2 years ago, I stopped, and can even wear shorts. But now my face has excess hairs also, and I am doing the same thing to my face as I did to my legs. I feel the answer to my recovery from this is to embrace and love my BDD. I am working on this today. Thank you for loving your beautiful self, you have given me hope for my body image.

  21. aisha

    Harnaam ur inspiration to lakhs of women suffering from pcos all around d world… Most importantly u have today taught me love myself, my body, to be proud and be thankful … Ur confidence n strength has motivated lots of women… I pray to god for ur well being and may he always guide u…

  22. Katy

    Gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing your story and for creating such a stunning photoshoot! Your body is lovely and you are beautiful. And thank YOU Kat, for creating such an awesome space for people.

  23. hailee

    Absolutely gorgeous. I want to paint her. Its a shame how much suffering the beard has caused her growing up, but I think its cool and characteristic. The things she has done for the community are wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing your story. As somebody who self harms myself I really appreciate your strength, you’re very inspirational. Harnaam Kaur you rock!!!!!!

  24. Manjit Singh

    May Guru give you more strength, wisdom, beauty, and happiness in life!
    I used to feel down but not anymore. I know even if negative or down feelings come, Guru’s words will always uplift me.
    Thank you for being an inspiration!

  25. Rafia Hussain

    This post bought me to tears. Shes is one amazing woman despite being bullied and wanting to taker her own life. Harmaan has come out to be the most beautiful human being i have ever seen. She is an inspiration to all women. May god bless her and give her much happiness.


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