A Viking and a Gypsy Got Married

Wild Love photography

October 19, 2016


Meg and Jeremiah’s wedding had a gypsy and viking theme with a couple of special guests – a baby goat and their unborn child! They were married on a friend’s farm in June.

“I have always loved the romanticised version of gypsies and growing up my dad would always say I have gypsy blood”, explained Meg. “Jeremiah’s background is Acadian and Norwegian and we wanted to bring both of these things into our wedding. This was really a natural theme for us.”


“The main inspiration was the Solstice and Full Moon together. After picking the date based on those two things, everything just fell into place. We had tarot cards on all the tables and when it was time to eat, the MC randomly drew cards to see which table went first.”

“About one year before the wedding I started brewing mead, which is viking honey wine”, she said. “I wanted to have it on all the tables, instead of normal wine. I bought glass bottles from Ikea, and had an artist friend draw up a label that said ‘Gypsy Tears’ and the wedding date with a sad gypsy on it. I asked my cousin to make me a carnival cutout for people to take photos with that looked like a giant tarot card.”


“One of the most unusual things was that my dad’s girlfriend brought her baby goat to take photos with. I thought it would be funny to have a goat, and for people to be like, why is there a goat here?”


Everyone was dressed the part. The bride’s outfit came from Wild Skin on Etsy and the groom’s tunic was from museumreplicas.com. “All the groomsmen and his immediate family dressed up like vikings and all the bridesmaids and my immediate family dressed up like gypsies. The bridesmaid tops were from Etsy and the skirts were from Amazon. We gave the wedding party and MC Viking drinking horns which we hand-decorated as their gifts.”


The ceremony was at 3:30pm in the field overlooking a valley. “After placing deposits and planning for eight months, I found out I was pregnant which was great because we had been trying for two years!” she explained. “I thought it would be really special if our children were included in the ceremony and being pregnant brought the whole family together. My four year old son was our ringbearer, and also held the handfasting rope around us. I felt like this marriage wasn’t just between myself and Jeremiah, it was all four of us.”


“Our biggest expense was our photographer. I was given great advice from my bridesmaid Rachel who said ‘spend the money on your photographer. Your memories fade, and flowers die, but if you have a good photographer you will never regret it, they will capture the day for you.’ She was so right!”


“My advice for future brides and grooms is to make the day about the two of you”, she concluded. “Do what makes you happy and don’t censor yourself for anyone. If you want a baby goat, get one!”