Insane Italian Vintage Circus Wedding: Michelangelo & Francilla

Maison Pestea

September 3, 2013


Unlike so many Italian weddings that they’d been to before, Michelangelo and Francilla wanted a day that was big, ridiculous and most of all fun! They went for a vintage circus theme, and oh boy, they really did go all out on the theme! Francilla told me all about it, “In Italy it’s quite impossible to have a different wedding and not do everything traditionally. It’s so hard to get away from the ‘rules’ that everyone says you have to obey, but we worked hard to make sure we did!  We would have never been happy to marry in this way, and luckily our families knew it!”


“We love vintage images of artists and we love vintage images of circuses. In fact we feel like our life is like one bit circus so this theme was perfect for us! We wanted a wedding that was like us, with our energy, with our irony and with a few little freaky things (again, just like us!) We originally thought about having the party in a circus tent but we really wanted to do something more different still. We spoke to the Casa dell’Architettura, a gorgeous historical place in Rome, but it NEVER been used as a location for a wedding. There is a historic garden there and the ruins of the ancient Roman aquarium! We told them about our ideas and what we wanted for our wedding. We told them we wanted to bring in an authentic antique carousel… and to our surprise they said yes!”


“The party was, by far, our favourite thing about the wedding,” she continued, “It was crazy, magic, gorgeous and our guest were astonished! I think it was so magical because we took care of everything in every detail. We designed, built and organised everything and tried to make it a memorable event for our guests as well as us. The word kinda got out to the local people about our crazy wedding – as you can see from the amount of people that were waiting for us outside the church! They all showed up to see the crazy wedding with the vintage carousel!”


Francilla wore a stunning Vera Wang wedding gown and Aruna Seth shoes. She made her headpiece herself. “Over all we wanted to bring fun, creativity and insanity in a historical place to our wedding,” she concluded. “Our cake was crazy too. I didn’t want a normal wedding cake, I wanted a cake bomb! It was MASSIVE and when it was wheeled in we all danced to Sex Bomb! I think this made us very Rock n Roll! We feel different to other people and we live our lives the way we want. We swore to each other to remain this way forever. Our wedding is just the beginning.”