DIY Disney Themed Wedding

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April 28, 2016

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Those eagle eyed amongst you might recognise the bride in this wedding, Kirsty was one of our models for my veil collab with Crown and Glory! When I met her, saw her amazing Disney tattoos and heard all about their Disney themed wedding, I was SO EXCITED. Now the time has finally come for me feature it and I’m pretty sure you’re all going to flip out over it too. The best part is they pulled the wedding off with a budget of just £2,500!

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“Our inspiration was basically all the things we both love, and for me that meant Disney!” she said. “Although I’m the bigger Disney fan of the two of us (I’ve spent the last five years successfully converting him) George was more than happy to let me add all the fairytale touches I wanted. We got engaged at Disneyland Paris so it’s played a special part in our relationship. We both knew from the start that we didn’t want a big wedding and loved the look of more intimate, village hall style weddings so that’s what we went for.”

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“To decorate our venue we basically chucked things together that we liked. We also used a lot of stuff we already had in our house. We also made a lot of things ourselves. I think if we had had a bigger budget we would have gone for a more specific colour scheme, but it was nice not to stress about matching colours or being too restricted.”

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“I figured out how to make paper roses out of Disney wrapping paper and made my bouquet before we’d even set a date for the wedding. I also ended up making my tiara after seeing some similar ones online that were beautiful but totally out of my price range. George covered a couple of garden obelisks with fairy lights, twine and fake leaves to put on the stage. It was the only thing he made but they looked damn good! Our Beauty and the Beast backdrop wasn’t DIY as such, we had it printed by a company in China for the small sum of £10!”

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“Our guestbook was one of my favourite DIYs and was inspired by the books at the beginning of classic Disney films like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. The book was actually a book shaped box which I decorated and then we had Disney postcards for our guests to write their messages on and place inside. It went down really well with everyone and now it sits above our fireplace looking awesome, our very own fairytale book!”

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“My other absolute favourite DIY was the jackets I made for both of us to wear in the evening. I actually got the inspiration for them from the Rock n Roll Bride Facebook group! A lovely lady posted a tutorial to make a neon sign with a special kind of coloured wire and I instantly thought it would look awesome on the back of a leather jacket. After a bit of tweaking and trial and error I’d made myself a ‘Just Married’ light up white leather gilet. George was so impressed that he insisted that I make him one too. I’m now tempted to make myself another one that I can wear all the time! Again this went down really well with our guests, everyone kept telling us to turn around so they could take pictures of our backs.”

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Both the ceremony and reception were held in a local village hall. “One of the things we did which was a bit different was to have my mum officiate our ceremony”, Kirsty explained. “I know a lot of people opt to do the legal bit at another time and have a humanist ceremony, but I think more should consider having a family member or close friend do the honours. Having her write (with a little help from me) and perform the ceremony meant that we could cut out all the rubbish that we didn’t care about and have a truly special and personal ceremony that perfectly reflected us as a couple. Plus I think our guests appreciated it being short! Me and my mum are really close so it meant a lot to me to have her so involved with our wedding.”

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“Our biggest expense was our photographer”, Kirsty concluded. “However we were very lucky to win some money off through a competition on Rock n Roll Bride! We decided to forgo some other things to be able to afford pictures that we can treasure for the rest of our lives. I really wish we could have managed to afford a videographer as well but it just wasn’t on the cards for us.”

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“If I had to do it all again I think I’d do it near enough exactly the same, except I’d try not to stress so much on the day. The only real regret I have as such is that because my mum did so much for us on the day, she wasn’t able to enjoy it with us as much and subsequently wasn’t in many of the photos. We didn’t want any traditional group shots but I do wish I’d taken the time to get a quick picture of just the two of us.”

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