1960s Wedding in Germany

Kerstin Mumm

March 21, 2016

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Victoria and Matthias were married in in Braunschweig, Germany. Their wedding had a distinctive 1960s vibe to it. “We had peachy, cream and gold colours”, the bride said. “Our inspiration was the fashion and music from the early 60s, as well as scenes from The Virgin Suicides. I especially the colours used in the film and the homecoming scene. I also looked at actual wedding pictures from the 50s and 60s. I particularly love Priscilla Presley’s wedding day look!”

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Victoria wore a short wedding dress with polka dots on and a homemade veil. “My veil was made by my mom”, she explained. “We ordered some extra dotted tulle (the same one that the dress was made of). Our inspiration was authentic vintage veils. I also made the wedding cake myself. I love to bake so I thought it would be more personal to make my own. As wedding favours I made peach jam.”

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“The only thing I wish we’d done differently is we should have booked a day-of coordinator”, she concluded. “We did everything ourselves and it was a little stressful. The photos of our wedding cake, for example, were taken in front of the ugliest wall ever, but we were to excited to notice and nobody told us. However, although some things went different than planned, the day was perfect and unique. We are happy with what it turned out to be!”

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