Pinwheels & Pugs: An Old-Timer Funfair Wedding

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April 18, 2017

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Sandra and Hendrik were together for 12 years before they were married. They met in August 2004 at a funfair and distinctly remember the smell of popcorn filling the air. They wanted to recreate their first meeting at their wedding, so decided it should be funfair themed. They also wanted their wedding day to be a celebration with their loved ones while listening to great music and, of course, with the smell of popcorn in the air again.

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“It was a funfair wedding through and through,” explained Sandra, “We wanted to share our feelings from 2004 with everyone. The day I saw him for the first time, both of us were on the funfair in Herne which is in the Ruhr Area. Both of us were and still are children of the funfair, through and through.”

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“Our church wedding was pleasant and easy. Children played and laughed during the ceremony. The pastor played a crazy disco song at one point and everyone was laughing about that. The ceremony was accompanied with beautiful piano music from Marius Furche, including a piano version of Forever by Perkele, which is an old punk band. It was so beautiful that we started dancing before we went out of the church, we were just overwhelmed with happiness.”

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The couple did a lot of DIY projects. “Everything was self made by ourselves with the help of our florist, Lena Besel. Without her help we couldn’t have decorated and build up everything like it was in two days. She was amazing! As well as all our DIY projects, we also rented a hurdy-gurdy for the reception to get everyone in the funfair mood. They only thing we wished we’d done differently is start saving money earlier, as we also wanted a big carousel and more live music for our guests, but that would have blown up our budget.”

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“Our whole day was was overwhelming and beautiful. Everything was perfect from the beginning to the end. We especially loved the speeches made by our family, friends and wonderful guests. The craziest moments were when our friends carried us around and we were able to stage dive! Our wedding was very different to other weddings we’d been to, but that was exactly what we loved about it.”

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“Another highlight was that a good friend lend us his old Ford Mustang for our wedding transport. As old-timer fans it was amazing to be able to drive this car! We will never forget that feeling.”

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Sadly, Sandra’s parents could not be with them to celebrate. “The worst thing about planning our wedding, and what really made me sad, was that my parents were not here anymore to share this day with us. They died too early and it made us sad that we could not share the emotions of this day with them. But when we were dancing that night we had the feeling that they were there with us.”

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“Our advice to future brides and grooms is that everything that you do should be done from the bottom of the heart, be full of joy and love and focus on fun with your loved ones”, she concluded. “We have been together for for 12 years now and the feelings that we have are intense and truly honest. We are best friends and we share all our emotions and experiences together. We have so much in common, we share our love for music and we both don’t want to get old. But the most beautiful thing is imagining is that we are still holding hands and dancing with each other when we are wrinkly and old. Love is unbelievable.”

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