Glamorous One Mayfair Wedding

Lemonade Pictures

November 22, 2015

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When the bride is an event designer, you just know her wedding is going to be astronomically beautiful! Clementine and Crispin’s winter wedding was held at the gorgeous One Mayfair in London.

“I am an event and wedding planner by trade so have seen A LOT of weddings”, she said. “We wanted ours to be different and personal and felt the pressure that our friends and family had high expectations of what we’d do. I wanted a winter wedding as I’ve seen too many couple’s pin their hopes on a glorious summer’s day only to be disappointed by the British weather.”

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“We started by viewing my favourite venue in London, One Mayfair, and luckily Crispin loved it too. As the venue is an old church we took a little gothic inspiration from there and ended up with a gold, black and ivory theme. As it’s a dry hire space, we had to bring everything from all the lighting to all the furniture in so that ended up being the biggest expense. It was totally worth it though.”

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“I loved the whole day”, she continued. “My biggest worry was that it would be too grand and over the top and therefore too formal and stuffy, but our personal touches and, above all, our amazing guests made it relaxed and fun from start to finish and a lot of us danced down the road with our fat cigars to a hotel to continue the party.”

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“There’s not much I’d change about our wedding”, she concluded, “but in retrospect I should have dragged myself away from the dancefloor for long enough to pig out on the cheese table! Our only real regret is not asking anyone to video the fantastic speeches. Although we didn’t want the whole day videoed we definitely should have asked a friend to film the speeches on a phone or something. I wish I could hear them all again as I can only remember snippets.”

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