Pretty Pastel DIY Wedding: Joey & Mike

Lisa Jane Photography

I’m definitely not only of those girly girls. I favour a bold and modern aesthetic over pretty pastels any day. But Joey & Mike’s wedding slayed me when it landed in my inbox recently. And ‘pretty’ is really the only word I can use to best describe what I saw.

This cute and quirky couple were married in London, at Marylebone Town Hall. They had their low key and casual reception at Hardy’s Brasserie. This stylish bride wore a short short white lace dress from Minna, who specialise in vintage or handmade gowns and use ethically sourced materials as much as possible. She carried a pink hydrangea bouquet.

Lisa Jane Photography

The couple did a lot of the set up themselves. The vegan cakes on offer were all homemade and included a chocolate cake with gold leaf (made by the bride), violet & blackberry cupcakes and fruit tart (made by the bridesmaids) Victoria sponge (made by mother of the bride) and coconut macaroons (made by bride’s Grandmother). The flowers were all bought from New Covent Garden Flower Market the day before the wedding, and were arranged last thing before they all went to bed. They spent no more than £150 on all the blooms. Their stationery was also designed by a friend.

Lisa Jane Photography

“To decorate the reception we also made white tissue paper pompoms, bunting and ribbons”, Joey explained. “All of the wild flowers were displayed in cute little jam jars which I had collected all year. We created our own table places by painting wooden frames light pink and each table was themed by one of our favourite love films. We had a photo of the couple from the relevant film kissing on the table. We had the Sound of Music, South Pacific, True Romance, Sense and Sensibility and Sleepless in Seattle. Another thing I used to decorate the room was needlework samplers. I made several little silk thread samplers decorated with flowers and romantic words to give a more crafty feel to the decor.”

Lisa Jane Photography

“We wanted to keep things small and do it on our own terms, we kept it very intimate, only inviting 30 people to the ceremony and 40 to lunch. Nearly everyone there contributed to the day in some way which made it very personal and special. I didn’t want to wear a big long white dress as I like to feel free to move and dance about. I also wanted to make as much possible myself (cake, flowers etc) not only to save money but to keep it more personal.”

Lisa Jane Photography

“We left for our honeymoon in Amalfi that afternoon, and we both travelled all the way to Naples in our wedding outfits, including my veil. It felt surreal walking around Victoria station and getting the Gatwick express in a wedding dress and veil but it was fun, romantic and we were very tipsy by then! It also helped us get upgraded on the plane and at the hotel and we even had champagne on the flight in REAL glasses which was pretty fancy!”

Lisa Jane Photography

Amazing. I’m so rocking up to the airport in a wedding dress next time I travel somewhere then! Thank you Joey & Mike for sharing your gorgeous day and much love and gratitude to their incredibly awesome wedding photographer Lisa Jane for sharing her photo gorgeousness.



  1. Aw I love this! Lisa’s work is gorgeous and they are such a beautiful (err slight girl crush on the bride, her eyes, her hair!!) couple and she really suits the cute Minna dress. Coolest thing? Actually heading to your honeymoon the same afternoon IN the dress and veil. Serious kudos, that is pretty cool in my book. I’m with you Kat, totally trying that one next time 😉

  2. Hannah Millard

    Lisa…. These photos are gorgeous.

    Awesome couple and wedding perfectly captured. 🙂

  3. These pics are GORGEOUS! I’m really digging the pale and interesting feel of the whole thing. Fab work, Lisa. And yeah – girl crush on the bride fo’sho!

  4. Cassandra

    Love love love this wedding. The cake table and the little embroidery signs are just lovely! And the photography is beautiful. x

  5. VE and am OBSESSEXD with EVERYTHING about this wedding. I thought the last one was my fav in ever but now…. This is just precious! Not to mention how gorgeous the photography is!!!!!!

  6. Wow! What a stunning couple & fabulous pics. Amazing choice of flowers by the way – hydrangeas are my favourites. And talk about choosing the right dress – gorgeous!! Congratulations. Xx