Loretta & Andy’s Backyard BBQ Wedding

“I would describe our wedding as a bit country barn ho-down, a bit backyard BBQ and a sprinkling of vintage,” newlywed Loretta. “We’ve always been a bit Rock n Roll. We met over a shared love of music and spent the first three years of our relationship going to gigs together. Our first date after our son was born was going to see Midlake at the Prince of Wales. Andy’s other true love is his Martin guitar. Our inspiration came from drives through the country, we always stop when we find a great old ramshackle barn and take photos. Some of our favourite gigs have been in places like Meeniyan at the old Town Hall. It’s in places like these that bucket loads of inspiration can be found. You mix pretty fabrics and detailing with rusty old sheds and and fields of grass and hay and it’s a match made in heaven.”

The whole wedding was a DIY effort from the couple, “Gosh, what didn’t we DIY?” Loretta continued. The best DIY bit for me was the beautiful hand dyed doily pom poms we made to hang from the tree. Our decorations we ordered from Etsy got lost in the mail. So at the last minute we spent days hand dying hundreds of paper doilies with coffee ad purple food colouring. We dried them all in front of the heater and then delicately scrunched them into a cone shape and attached them to each other at the base until they formed a big gorgeous ball. They looked incredible and were soooooo much nicer then the ones that went missing!”

Loretta wore a dress which she found in a little boutique that she just ‘popped into’ on the way to buy bread one morning! She explained, “One day I left Andy at home and went to get some bread and popped into a little boutique called Mars and Venus in Eltham where we live, just to have a squiz. And there was my perfect dress, on the sale rack, the only one. Simple and one shouldered, just like I wanted. Fit like a glove! And was marked down by about a squillion dollars. Forgot to buy bread but went home with a dress!”

Thank you to Loretta & Andy and their photographers Jessica & Steph for sharing this wonderful day with us today.

Photography Credit: Jessica Tremp & Steph Tout
Bride’s Dress: Mars & Venus
Bride’s Shoes: Custom Made by Anna Fiori, Melbourne
Bride’s Headpiece: Gwendolynne, Fitzroy
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Leona Edmiston
Bridesmaid’s Shoes: Steve Madden
Cupcakes: Love at First Bite Cupcakes
Flowers: DIY



  1. Kirsty

    What a cool wedding!
    Can I please find out who Loretta bought her decorations from on Etsy as we have also ordered decorations from Etsy and 3 months on they seem to have gone missing in the post too….

  2. LOZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy crap I used to work with LOZ!!! Oh MY GOD beautiful!!! Congrats times a million Loretta!!!! I am loving your wedding so much oxoxoxoxoox… Lots of love Donna (Borders chick!!!) XOXOXOXOXOX

  3. Loz

    Thank you so much for your super lovely comments and kindly words guys! We had such a fabbo day, and our photographers were, quite simply, AMAZING and so much fun to work with.
    Donna!!! So funny where old friends pop up! I always think of you when I see goats:) Big love xoxo
    And Kirsty, they were from Pom Love. But it was the USPS who were at fault. Pom Love were wonderfully helpful, filed an insurance claim and re imbursed us fully. I hope yours show up soon 🙂

  4. hahah yay!!! that’s awesome! i remember the goat postcard hahah!


    i always think of you singing along to kings of leon in the lunch room haha!


  5. Sarah Roberts

    I love this wedding/ couple through-and-through. I can imagine my own wedding being this way-It’s fun, carefree and UNIQUE.

  6. Ariel

    Oh wow, I used to know Loretta a million years ago too!
    Looks like a gorgeous wedding, just the sort of wedding I am planning at the moment.
    Thanks for sharing, and Loretta you look HOT!
    Ari x

  7. Dee

    Gosh you look beautiful! I utterly LOVE your dress. Even though I have already bought mine for my upcoming wedding in June it is exactly what I have been looking for. Can you tell me who it is made by.


  8. Kristen

    Hi Loretta,

    Can you tell me what kind of plates you used for your BBQ wedding? My fiance and I are doing a similar theme, and struggling if we go with upscale plastic fancier or plates, or just keep it practical and do sectioned biodegradable bamboo plates..Thank you!!


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