Sweet Yet Edgy South African Wedding: Darren & Taryn

Jake & Jane

May 6, 2013

72-Darren & Taryn's South African Wedding - JackandJane Photography

Darren & Taryn were married on 03/03/13 and 3 minutes past 3… and although they had a limited budget, they created a wedding that was both sweet and beautiful but edgy and fun! “We chose all the 3’s because we loved the symbolism of the energy surrounding the number”, explained the bride. “In numerology the energy of the number 3 is optimistic and fun-loving, and strives to uplift and colour its surroundings. They tend to be the ‘joker’, have a wonderful sense of humour and are very charismatic.”

68-Darren & Taryn's South African Wedding - JackandJane Photography

“We try not to take ourselves seriously and so when it came to tying the knot after a year of engagement bliss and totally stress-free planning, we knew our day would be filled with the people and things that reflected our separate personalities and us as a couple. We chose a beautiful venue off the trodden path of wedding venues in the Muldersdrift area of Johannesburg, which could not have been more perfect for what we had envisioned for us. Since we are of different faiths (my husband is Jewish and I am Catholic), the little quaint brookylaced gazebo, complete with bunting, on the edge of the picturesque dam was absolutely ideal for the intimate ceremony. We had it performed by a non-denominational minister in the presence of our immediate family and closest friends.”

2-Darren & Taryn's South African Wedding - JackandJane Photography

“Our guests relaxed under the gorgeous trees while sipping on cranberry juice and vodka through candy striped straws from little jam jars and munched on traditional biltong and peanuts”, she continued. “Again, we had so much fun with the photo’s as we didn’t want the usual posed pictures from standard bridal magazines – we wanted them to be an eternal representative image of the fun we had had planning our wedding.”

4-Darren & Taryn's South African Wedding - JackandJane Photography

Being on such a tight budget the couple handmade everything they could for the reception. “The reception was exceptional in every way! We had made everything from the packing of the jam-jars one night (to the tunes of Bob Marley’s ‘we’re jamming…’) to the designing and labelling of the jars and bottles. We were so blessed with our florist who seemed to just get the concept of ‘old-fashioned, but not vintage, pretty but not feminine, traditional, but not staid’. Our main table was strikingly simple and I loved the ‘Mr & Mrs’ bunting.”

15-Darren & Taryn's South African Wedding - JackandJane Photography