Barbara & Mark’s MC Motors Wedding

Barbara & Mark were married in one of the coolest venues I’ve seen in a long time – MC Motors in Castle Gibson, East London. The couple were keen to make their wedding all about them and what they love, and so they spent money on the things they valued (namely the awesome venue, The Wedding Smashers (DJ’s) and Barbara’s Candy Anthony dress) and ignored the things they didn’t.

“A friend bought me a wedding magazine when I got engaged in December. I opened it up one night and never looked at it again – or any other mag for that matter,” Barbara told me. “I just wanted it to be a proper knees up with lots of music, booze and all our favourite people. Some things we spent money on – like the venue – other things, we just didn’t feel as strongly about – like having the perfect cake or millions of flowers. We just didn’t want to have to follow any rules – and did things exactly as we wanted.”

Barbara’s bridesmaid’s wore beautiful yellow dresses which the bride made herself. With each girl having very different looks (and one being pregnant!) it was important that the style suited them all. The 60’s inspired pattern of the dresses worked beautifully and the polka dot & yellow fabric was both playful and flattering.

Huge thanks to Barbara & Mark and photographer Nick for sharing these today.

Photography Credit: Nick Tucker Photography
Ceremony Venue: St Mary Moorfield Church, London
Reception Venue: MC Motors in Castle Gibson, East London
Bride’s Dress:  Candy Anthony
Bride’s Veil: Talulah Blue
Groom’s Suit: Moss Bros
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: DIY
Bridesmaid’s Shoes: Melissa (All different)
Cake: DIY
Flowers: Rebel Rebel
DJ: The Wedding Smashers
Band: High Town Crows


  1. I love the venue, I love that they did not have stuff they could not see a point in and spent the money else where, I love that I’m getting married in a year where shorter dresses are in vogue can’t wait 25 days to do, wish I could of afforded a candy anthony dress this one is lovely, but I love mine as well at a 1/4 of the price. Just can’t wait now how slow are the next 25 days going to go………..

  2. Jezzebelle

    I think this is my favourite wedding I’ve ever seen on rnr bride – and I’m an avid reader! I’m jelly, as my bridesmaids are meant to be in yellow & 60’s inspired – but she’s beat me to it! hehe, very much on my vibe, this bride. Beautiful, beyond beautiful

  3. I LOVE this wedding. It just shows with a great venue, great style (LOVE that dress), and a great photographer – you have all you need for a great wedding!

  4. Colene

    I think if I was a dress, that’s what I’d look like. I’m actually drooling. Wonder if I could convince my fiance that I need it for our second wedding reception in NZ…

  5. i love this wedding! For someone who didnt look at wedding mags she has got the perfect wedding down! Melissa shoes- check. Candy anthony dress- check. Love it!

  6. Wow, I’ve never seen a bride so perfectly match the exact look I wanted for my wedding day! Now I have tons of inspiration. Great wedding. So fun and retro!

  7. Niki

    I have to have a dress like this the bride looks amazing the bridesmaids look ace this is so up my street!! 🙂

  8. Holy Moly. I’ve been wanting to style a wedding in this venue for like ever. It’s just around the corner from me and teases me with it’s exposed brickwork and giant lightbulb letters [ps it’s where dragon’s den was filmed!]. This wedding is the bees. And the bride has the right idea, splurge on what’s important to you and leave out what’s not. Fab job Nick.

  9. I’ve done a couple of shoots at that location (not weddings) and it is amazing. Pretty dusty though so keeping a white dress white is a bit on the tricky side!

  10. Michele Stewart

    Is it possible to purchase the brides gown from a retailer? I am having difficulty.


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