A Sunday Kind of Love – Lisa Devlin

I wanted to start this week’s post with a huge thank you to every single one of you for your kind words and comments on my ‘How to…not be a blogging pushover’ post. To everyone that stuck up for me and shared your love and passion for my little website – well wow, I’ve literally been blown away.

I decided to share this story with you today because I think it can only add further proof of my love of all my sponsors, of how they make my world go round and of my genuine feelings towards them (and theirs to me it would seem!) UK photographer Lisa Devlin has been a sponsor of Rock n Roll Bride for the past few months. Not only has this got her many a Rock n Roll wedding booking, but it has provided me with more eye candy to blog than I could ask for! With Lisa’s approval I wanted to share this card I received in the post this week. She also send me a little bag of treats including a Tatty Devine necklace! She knows me so well!

I didn’t start this week thinking I was going to have a big gush about everyone but sometimes it’s just really really needed. So to all my sponsors, but to Lisa Devlin in particular today, I love you. I’m honoured you’ve chosen Rock n Roll Bride to showcase your talents and I’m so excited to share you’re work whenever I can. Rock the hell on…

Although Lisa is a sponsor of Rock n Roll Bride, this is not a sponsored post. I have not been paid to write these words. Any sponsored post will always very clearly labeled as such.


  1. Lisa Devlin took our wedding photos and they were wonderful. She was also an absolute pleasure to have there on the day which is so important. Talented and lovely lady!

  2. Katie Woo

    Oh that’s such a lovely read on both parts. We are so very lucky to have found Lisa through Rock N Roll Bride and really feel like she’s a big part of our wedding already. She emails me with fab ideas, has been to my fiances gig in Brighton and is quickly becoming a friend. She’s an incredible talent and we feel totally comfortable with her!

    Yey for Lisa D and Rock N Roll Bride

  3. michelle simmons

    Lisa took our wedding photos almost 4 years ago and I am still going on about how amazing they are! More importantly for me was her personality – a lovely lady to work with and she is fab with all the guests on the day – everyone really enjoyed being photographed because she made it a lot of fun which I think is a real talent – how does she do it?

    I would urge you to work with Lisa as soon as possible!!

    Michelle x

  4. julie

    Love the whole look of the rock n roll bride , the pictures look amazing, it seems your going from strength to strength

    Big love and hugs

    Julie & Charlotte in Devon

  5. Lady Kenny

    Lisa was the first person I met when organising my weddig. Not only did we bond very quickly over a few glasses of wine (!), but she played an amazing part in all our wedding preparations and the day itself. She is a great resource of information for any questions you might have about organising your wedding… not just about photography but all the special touches that make the day your own. Her photos, albums and books are incredibly beautiful, and apart from all the obvious comments you get when digging out the wedding photos, the main thing I hear is ” I wish we had booked Lisa for our day” …. and that I think says it all. Thanks for everything Ms Devlin. xxxxxx

  6. Amy B

    YAY for the uber talent that is Lisa Devlin! (and the fabulous rock n roll bride of course!) x x x

  7. Hazel H

    Loving this website and so pleased that Lisa Devlin is getting the recognition she deserves for being such a fabulous wedding photographer! She took our wedding photos last year and she captured the day so well, I love showing our album off at every opportunity! I know I will treasure it for years to come and am so glad we chose her for our day xx

  8. Natalie M

    Lisa is THE BEST wedding photographer in my opinion – she was my wedding photographer and also photographed a few of my close friends weddings – our photos are all great – you should all work with the lovely Lisa!
    Love this site!

  9. Leanne B

    We were lucky enough to have Lisa as our wedding photographer!! Her work really is amazing, she captures the day, and all the little details beautifully. I’ve been looking at Lisas new vintage range, and I would get married all over again to have another set of photos like that! Fab. xxx

  10. Pamela M

    LOVE IT! Lisa is our photographer, we hooked up with her after seeing her on here. Her work is fabulous and we are very excited to see what magic she comes up with from our wedding. Thanks Kat, we think your site totally rocks and your sponsors are lovely too.

  11. Charlotte C

    Having Lisa take our wedding pics was the best decision we made- other than getting married in the first place of course! Trying to think of another excuse for her take pictures for us….
    Love Rock n Roll Bride, Love Lisa D!

  12. After meeting Lisa- I knew straight away that I wanted her to be our wedding photographer. The love for her job comes accross in bundles along with her knowledge and experience of photography.
    Lisa has creative ideas and eye for all those important little details creating truly beautiful and amazing photos. A very lovley, talented lady.
    I am so pleased we found her and every bride should book!

  13. KC

    Lisa is going to be our photographer in November, she has already been amazing at suggesting ideas for flowers, cakes etc. She also recommended that i read rock n roll bride for inspiration. Cant wait for my big day as i know i will have the most amazing photos to look at forever

  14. Jo

    The divine Ms D took our pics 8 years ago (good grief, where did the time go?)….has also taken them of our kids! If we get pets then them as well! I can’t remember what our table decs looked like or how much we spent on flowers or music but I do still look at the amazing pics Lisa took x

    I’d get married again just for her to take the photos!


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