A Sunday Kind of Love: Emotional Brilliance with LUSH

Ever since I blogged that shocking video that LUSH put together to raise awareness of animal testing in the cosmetics industry, I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind. Every morning I’ve been worrying whether the things I’m putting on my face have somehow played a part in keeping this awful practice the norm. So you can imagine my elation when I found out LUSH were bringing out a make up range! It launched worldwide yesterday and I was up bright and early to head into town to get some first hand experience of it. “You’re mad”, Gareth said, “going into town on a Saturday. It will be mental”, “It will be worth braving the crowds for…” I responded, “I’m doing my bit for the bunnies.”

Don’t you just love going into a LUSH store? The sights, the smells, the excellent customer service. I was greeted by Rachel who asked if I’d like a colour reading. “Yes please”, I responded. She asked me to close my eyes while she span the wheel of colours in front of me. When she told me to, I opened my eyes and picked the three colours that immediately jumped out at me. They didn’t have to be my favourite colours, or ones I thought would suit me, they just had to be the ones I was drawn to without thinking about it. She then put the pot of colour which was represented by each choice in the middle of the wheel and told me what each one meant. Oh and yes… and surrounded them with dry ice (crappy picture of it, booo) but oooh that bit was strangely exciting!

I picked Motivation, Believe and Drive. I have to say, I’m not usually into that kind of ‘stuff’ but they were pretty spot on!

Each pot of colour can be used in different areas – eyes, lips and cheeks. They are separated into cream eyeshadows, liquid lipsticks and liquid liners but you can use them everywhere (blue lips? oh go on then!) I decided to buy Believe as it’s a beautiful coral pink colour. I have to say I’m super duper impressed with the pigmentation. The highly saturated colours really do pop! As you’d expect from LUSH, each item is vegan-friendly, not tested on animals and packed full of natural good-for-the-skin ingredients. I am sold!

I’m wearing it on my lips and a little on my cheeks here

Although my reading didn’t select it, I also decided to buy Fantasy – a dramatic, sparkly gold. It’s one of the two colours that’s especially made as an super fast drying liquid eyeliner (it also comes in Independent which is black).

So yeah, I am a huge fan of Emotional Brilliance already. I think a monthly weekly treat to add to my collection may be in order. I’ve got my beady eyes on Glamorous next as well as the translucent powder and the mascara. Take that evil animal hurting co-operations!

I’m so thrilled that LUSH have launched this range and that no bunnies, kitties or any other animals were harmed in the process. Have any of you tried any of it yet? If not will you be?

PS Huge thanks to Rachel at the Reading LUSH for helping me out… Oh and I forgive you for squealing in my face when you realised who I was 😉


  1. Aimee

    I work for lush and I love emotional brilliance, we can’t stop playing with it in the shop! I’m planning a alternative vintage wedding for next july and rock and roll bride has given me soo many ideas THANK YOU!! 🙂

  2. Post author

    Aimee Im so jealous. i want to have another play too! have you bought any of the colours yet?

  3. Yay, horray for Lush! Will definitely be checking out their new make up range this week. Love that gold eyeliner!

  4. Post author

    awesome review Lela. you also reminded me that the order of the colours i picked were relevant
    ie. motivation (represents your current strength or weakness), believe (resonates with your subconcious need), drive (represents your talent)

    theyre even more spot on remembering this 😀

    Thank you!

  5. Oooooo! I didn’t know they were bringing out makeup! I knew about their sister company but this is great news! Heading down on pay day! Exciting! Thanks for making me aware of this! *claps hands excitedly!* xx

  6. Tabby – what’s their sister company?
    PS i’m already craving another trip to buy some more….

  7. Yay, I’m soooo glad they’ve brought the make-up back 😀
    Lush bought ‘B never too busy to be beautiful’ several years ago and then it seemed to disappear. It looks like they’ve been busy behind the scenes though 🙂
    I think a shopping trip is in order!

  8. Anmar

    Wow! That colour wheel/spin was SPOT ON with my life right now – a bit freaky, but I’m off to buy my colours! Fab!

  9. RachyLou

    B Never To Busy To Be Beautiful were Lush’s sister range that did make up and perfume but were discontinued in 2009. I’m kind of glad as this new Lush make up offering deserves to be in the main Lush line, not a side venture!

  10. Oh I love Lush. I already use Jackie Oates, mixed with my favourite moisturiser for a tinted moisturiser effect; as well as on its own for a heavier foundation. So glad they’re adding to the range!

  11. Ruth

    Kat, lush used to run a make up and perfume range called Never B to Busy to B Beautiful. *sniff* as a side project but it closed in 2008. I still have their neon pink mascara somewhere. Some of the It was amazing so I’m really hoping the new range lives up to

  12. hahaha!
    I popped into the Brighton Lush on Saturday too, and my colours I picked were
    Drive, Calm and Ambition and then threw in Success for luck because it was gorgeous and sparkly! It was EXACTLY how I was feeling that day down by the beach!

    I also fell in love with their Feeling Younger which I will go and get when I get paid!
    Was really happy they have made these, thanks Lush for being brilliant!

  13. Oh my! I tried a lipstick, eyeliner and mascara today. They lasted ALL day; even in this mugginess; even after all of the bottles of water the heat demanded I drink; even with me snogging the future Mr. Charlotte Cloud whenever I got the chance! It even managed to stay on me rather than making him wear some too! I will certainly be making a purchase (or 10)

  14. Kat – I think the sister company was called something like “B Beautiful” or “B Never to Busy to B Beautiful” But it only ran for a little while in some of the London shops. I remember it because all the makeup came in these gorgeous little jewelled hippy boxes – the kind you would get in those Evolution hippie shops! They were so cute! THey also did a few perfumes. But I haven’t seen it around for ages so I reckon it only ran for awhile and then the Emotional Brilliance was to revamp the whole range! I’ve been testing out some of the range and you’re right – it’s absolutely gorgeous! I love “Fantasy” liner and all the lippies!! XX


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