Eclectic with Candlelight

I love this vintage fashion shoot so much! It has such a cool rustic, almost thrown-together feel with all those eclectic details… and who can resist all those candles? Isn’t the light they emit just fantastic? Photographer Katelyn explains:

What do you get when you put together 1 1/2 tables, 2 table-cloths, over 120 candles, 7 lanterns, 6 windows, some pretty awesome containers (jars), and some really cool books? an AWESOME outdoor photo shoot! I did a country vintage shoot that lasted through the day and into the night! It never got higher than 40 degrees but my model roughed it and did a great job.


Thanks to Katelyn for sharing these with us…I need to do a shoot with candles like, now.

Credit: Split Second Photography


  1. This is officially my favorite, and not just because it reminds me of the dreamy Twilight prom scene. paper lanterns + vintage cameras + candlelight + converse is incredible.

  2. Chasta Freeman

    I have been looking for those exact type of strand lights for a while now. Where did you get them? I specifically want the old school vintage looking ones. Gorgeous shots and vibe!!! LOVE IT!

  3. Wow, I love this! So cool that you can achieve a “look” just by using candles and lights. No other types of “decor” are needed. Awesome!

  4. I love weddings like this. Effortless, relaxed and eco chic. Candles, fairy lights and lanterns look instantly amazing.


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