Simple & Organic Bridal Inspiration

James Melia Photography_4546

To me, the thing that makes a really great editorial shoot isn’t all the pretty details (although they help), the beautiful model or the amazing backdrop – it’s the narrative and the story that the images tell. As soon as I saw this shoot sent over by wedding photographer James Melia I instantly started wondering what this girl’s story was and what the photographer and stylist wanted to tell us.

James Melia Photography_4577

But luckily for me I could just ask them! As James explains, “The inspiration for this shoot came from a really simple idea of just a girl, and the beauty of the everyday. Using our model Jemima as our inspiration. each of the contributors added our own elements while working with a colour palette of peacock blues and moss greens. We thought it would look really striking against her delicate translucent skin and white blue cropped hair.”

James Melia Photography_4607

“The only brief really was that we keep it organic and elegant but simple and with a little edge. Hayley from Glory Days Vintage provided the awesome vintage dresses and excitedly made the green 1930s gown especially for Jemima. Fiona from Firenza Floral Design did a little digging around in her garden and put together the most amazing twiggy bouquets and a moss filled crown!”

James Melia Photography_4676

Utterly stunning. Sometimes simple really is best. Thank you James and co for sharing with us today.



  1. Amazing photo shoot, keep up the fabulous work. I especially like the watercolor effect you have going on with the photo. What editing software did you use for these, and did you incorporate artificial lighting in this shoot?


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