Antlers, Coloured Vintage Wedding Gowns & Plaid… Bridal Fashion Just Got Flipped on it’s Head


Bridal fashion doesn’t have to be boring or ordinary. Oh no, why not take those old-fashioned ideas and flip them on their head?! Antlers, coloured gowns, cardigans, plaid… the possibilities are endless!

“The main inspirations for this shoot were the gorgeous gowns (mostly vintage!) and my desire to incorporate some unexpected elements into the styling”, explained shoot stylist Jessica Santos Gallo of Fine and Fleurie. “Some of my favorite elements were the hand-crafted antlers and the bold-yet-boho cranberry gown.”


“It was important that we highlighted the change of seasons in the color palette of the shoot and made the most of our heavenly location. I also wanted each looks to serve as inspiration for brides and bridesmaids who are looking for something different. In my opinion, interesting details, vintage touches, plus a little element of surprise is the recipe for a perfectly styled bride or bridal party!”


“My background is in accessory design, so creating the perfect finishing touch for a look is really my speciality”, she continued. “The antler and silk flower mini hat was our show piece for the bridal look and I absolutely adore the feel we achieved in these photos. It’s as if we stumbled upon a gorgeous creature in the forest. I hoped for a whimsical and fanciful feel and Laura, our photographer, more than delivered this in the photos! For the make up we kept it classic and sweet with rosy cheeks and tons of lashes.”


So beautiful. I’d personally love to see a real bride in an antler headdress. Come on, who’s brave enough?! Thank you to Jessica, Laura and the whole team for sharing this stunner of a shoot with us today.



  1. Bex

    I hope this is the rise and rise of the colourful gowns. Looking now I’ve found it so hard to find much choice in a colour. I’ve tried bridesmaids dresses but they look to much like bridesmaid dresses. When I’ve asked in wedding dress shops they’ve pushed me towards white dresses with colourful bows.
    I have an appointment with The Couture Company in Feb though. I have a feeling I won’t be pushed towards white in there. 😉
    Oh and I’d totally wear antlers.

  2. Oh wow, I love everything about this shoot! The colours, the dresses, the plaid…the first look with the antlers and the amazing, amazing dress – just stunning!

  3. Laurie

    Beautifully practical…! I completely adore them and imagined which one I will wear…! lol I’ll go with the burgundy one…!

  4. Thank you so much for this feature! You’re incredible + completely made my year! This team was a fabulous bunch to work with + so happy everything came together the way it did. Thank you again! xx


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