Colourful Goth Bridal Shoot


I love this shoot because it shows that goth doesn’t always have to be black, black and more black. A splash of colour here and there can really work – yes, a colourful goth wedding is totally possible!


The shoot was actually made up of five very different style directions (you can see the others here) but these three were my favourites, I love the use of flowers and how they can really change the direction of the styling.

Are you having a gothic wedding?



  1. I LOVE this feature today– I make wedding veils and last week at the 3 day bridal fair I exhibited at I had a lot of interest in the coloured veils I displayed, and even an order for a black one!!! Its so refreshing to make something different. Love this blog for putting across these kind of ideas!!! Keep up the good work xx Just fab !!! xxxx

  2. Mandy

    Rebecca Cobbing Couture made my amazing wedding dress! Black and purple, so I totally agree that a “goth” doesn’t have to be all black.
    Seriously an amazing wedding dress designer and maker!

  3. LOVE this shoot! I dream come true to create and shoot, I’d imagine! If there ever was a wedding like this, sign me up!

  4. Love this shoot, I recently had a bride who told me she wanted to wear purple but her Mother had said no. This shoot shows how beautiful and stunning a girl can look in the right dress for her, regardless of the colour. Love the photos, just perfect.

  5. Natasha

    I’m a goth and planning to go as goth as humanly possible for my wedding (Totally having some of those ears Kat designed for crown and glory!)

  6. Clare R

    This is gorgeous, I love how the bride is almost monochrome, it really sets off the colours in the flowers 😀

  7. The whole credit goes to the photographer because it seems beautiful ( I doubt is it actually beautiful? )
    But yes, yet again a great concept people *Hats-off*

  8. Absolutely love this shoot! And I couldn’t agree more re: mixing color into a gothic look; we’ve made gothic stationery suites that use greens, purples and pinks!


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