Off the Hook Carnival Eye Candy

November 17, 2009

I knew Amy & Jesse’s wedding would be off-the-hook with it’s intense awesomeness as soon as I saw and blogged their engagements a while back. Surely a couple this offbeat and rockin’ couldn’t have anything but a super crazy, kooky, inspirational and incredible wedding day could they?

However, even I was blown off my chair when I laid eyes on these little beauties. Their DIY, carnival wedding was not only ridiculously creative and awe-inspiring but the couple themselves literally looked like a candy covered explosion of kick ass attitude and fun all over! (By the way I fully realise that my explanation of my thoughts on this wedding probably make little or no grammatical and linguistical sense – however my intense excitement over getting to blog these appears to have rendered by logical brain dysfunctional!) Got it? Right…on with the show…


A HUGE Rock n Roll thank you to Marina of Red Heart Photography for sending these over. I couldn’t wait to blog these (as always) and so the photos below are actually only part 1 & 2 of her posts. Go check out her blog over the next few weeks for even more eye candy!

ps contest contest contest contest!

pps – part 3 from the photographer can be seen here – haystack, kissing and pop ya head through the hole in the wall photo booths, short dress bride, dancing and laughter, yellow and blue cupcakes

Credit: Red Heart Photography