DIY Doctor Who Wedding

Fowler Studios

April 2, 2015

Doctor Who wedding (27)

Attention Whovians! You are going to LOVE what I have to share with you today. We’ve all seen Doctor Who themed weddings before, but I’m going to put my stake in the ground and say I think this is the best one ever. Not only did Leila and Scott only spend $5000 on their wedding, the attention to detail is totally amazing. Check out that blue wedding cake!

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“Our wedding was a family friendly Doctor Who wedding!”, began the bride. “Our family
LOVES Doctor Who and we thought that would be a really fun theme that would be
special to ourselves and our kids. We’ve never been terribly traditional people, so we
wanted to do something that was very us and not necessarily what was expected.
During the ceremony, we played various songs from Doctor Who. The Long Song was used for the bridal party processional and the TV theme song for when I walked down the aisle.”

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The couple made most of the special details themselves. “I made the bouquets out of origami paper flowers and tissue paper flowers in our wedding colours. I also printed some special paper with the exploding Tardis Van Gogh print, a picture of my deceased son, Nimora, and the hospital card with our stillborn son’s hand prints and footprints on.”

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“The week before the wedding was a mad house! We had friends come over EVERY NIGHT to help fold flowers and keep me sane. I think I finished them all the night before the wedding. The handle of my bouquet was the 10th Doctor’s sonic screwdriver as he’s my favourite doctor! The bouquets were one of my favourite things at the wedding. I worked so hard on them and they included our sons, who were only there in spirit. Being paper, we’ll be able to keep them forever.”

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“I also designed all of the signs. The frames for the signs and pictures were almost all yard sale finds which we spray painted, as were the vases and candles. The photo booth props were printed out and assembled by Scott and our friends.”

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“The only thing I wish we could have done differently was to start earlier on the DIY! Isn’t that what everyone says!? A lot of things were still being made the morning of! My advice to other couples would be to ask for help!” she concluded. “If it hadn’t been for friends who came over night after night to help with the paper bouquet flowers, I’d have been a disaster.”

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“Also expect for things to take twice as long to DIY as you think they will. And assume things will go wrong. Scott had to spend almost the entire morning before our 2pm wedding setting up and coordinating. In the middle of it all, his car died suddenly! It made for a much more stressful day for him than it should have been. I wish we’d asked one of our friends to be in charge of the set up so he could have had a relaxing morning.”

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