Most Haunted

This tattooed, converse bride and Doctor Who geek groom had a fabulous Halloween wedding in Southhampton, UK. The 1970’s inspired spiderweb bridesmaid dresses, the carousel, the Cadillac and the haunted house themed reception all made for a wedding to remember!

tattooed bride -1

Thanks to the lovely Amy for sharing!

Credit: Amy Wass Photography


  1. Hi my name is Elizabeth Denise Yocum yes I am getting married in my life with my boyfriend Adam Dunn yes he is my sweetheart to me I always loved him so much into my heart on my birthday celebration and I am totally excited for summer wedding in my life with my boyfriend Adam Dunn yes he is my best of my life with him and yes I love him so much into my heart in my wedding is totally excited and nervous I am totally excited I think yes you will help me to have a wedding in my future with my boyfriend Adam Dunn please please help us yes I do need David tutera to help us for our special day for my wedding is going to be Halloween wedding is Halloween sheddlers with Halloween spooky stuff is going to be witches totally fun Halloween wedding!🥂🍾


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