Tinywater/Rock n Roll Bride Contest – The Results!

I have been waiting to see these photographs for what feels like a lifetime! Remember the fabulous Tinywater contest that ran in July? Well the gorgeous Erica & Richie won themselves a photo shoot with the ridiculously talented and lovely Caroline & Dan and {eeeek} they have just sent me the results…exclusive people exclusive! Prepare yourself for some serious awesomeness!



I am honoured to have been involved in putting these guys together…hell without my little old blog these shoot would never have happened – how nuts is that!? Alrightly enough of my rambling…behold…mucho yumminess!

ps yes there are a hell lot of photographs. I couldn’t narrow them down so sue me!

Credit: Tinywater Photography


  1. Naomi

    My heart fluttered when I saw these pictures. I had to keep from crying in my classroom. I miss my bestie and my “lil bro” so much. Erica is so incredibly beautiful and Richie is so handsome. These photos are absolutely amazing. Thank you Rock N’ Roll bride for this amazing opportunity you gave them. Tinywater rocks!


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