The English Way

In many ways the UK is a very forward thinking, literal place to live. Gay marriage is legal, you can drink at 18 and not attending church every Sunday is generally not frowned upon. However when it comes to wedding legalities, Britain can be a little strict on the rules. You can’t, for example, legally marry outdoors. You are only able to wed at an officially consecrated place with an officially appointed person officiating the ceremony. However Lucy and J’s dream was to have an outdoor humanist ceremony at Oxon Hoath in Kent, so despite the English weather and the English laws, they did just that (they did of course have to do the legal thing as well.)

I am loving the following details about this wedding – Lucy’s dress and shrug combo was from Joanne Fleming Design in Brighton, UK and their completely unique rings were designed and made by the couple themselves. Lucy’s gorgeous bouquet was from Darling and Wild with the rest of the flowers all being done themselves who visited Covent Garden wholesale flower market to buy the blooms. Their uber cool twist on the traditional boutonnerie were again made by the couple themselves using white peacock feathers, leaves from the grounds of the venue and old buttons are pretty damn gorgeous though right?

Ahh England, I still love you.

Credit: David M McNeil


  1. Simply beautiful. How I wish a Humanist wedding was legally binding in England. I so much want a person who actually cares about you speak rather than some random civil servant. It is in Scotland, grrr! My sister to be had the most beautiful ceremony and it was outside, admittedly in February, but beautiful.

  2. It’s not strictly true that you can’t get legally married outdoors in britain. You can’t get legally married outdoors in *England*. I can’t speak for Ireland and Wales but it’s perfectly legal to get married in a Humanist ceremony outdoors or by a member of the clergy in Scotland.


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