Abbey Ruins Shoot – Part Two

The bonus of having two photographers is that you get two different perspectives and styles, even when you’re dressed as dramatically as I was! Part two comin’ at ya…

If you missed part one, clicky here for the post. To see the set in it’s entirety, check out my flickr.

Credit: Chanelle & Craig Segerius-Bruce


  1. You (and the photographer) totally rocked out these images! I love your expressions. You have such beautiful lips! And of course, got to love that hair… 😉

  2. breath-taking.

    while cristi dame was taking our pictures her husband took the same ones from a different perspective. i la-la-la-la-LOVE that they did that!

    i love your blog. love your abbey ruins shoot. LOVE. cheers!

  3. stacey

    i live near reading and have often thought that the abbey ruins would make a great location for a wedding you so rock them!


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