Kat & Gareth by Made You Look Studios – Who, by the way, you totally need to book for your Rock n Roll wedding…(Just Sayin’)

June 9, 2012

Apologies, you’re about to see a lot of photos of me & Gareth being soppy, silly and cute in New York… but I guess that’s what happens when the Made You Look girls shoot you. It’s nigh on impossible to cut them down because they are all. so. good. This is by far both Gareth & my favourite shoots we’ve done together. In fact I will definitely be getting some many of these babies printed to plaster our house with.

There was an interesting discussion going on on my facebook page earlier this week about the amount of personal vs wedding stuff I post on my blog. I know not everyone is interested in seeing my face (!) but I know many of you are! I like to try to offer as broad a range of inspiration as possible – some will be relevant to you, some not. However if these shots inspire at least one of you for your own engagement or anniversary shoot (or hell, even give you some new fashion or make up ideas) then I’m happy. If not, no worries, because we’ve now got these awesome photos of us to treasure forever!

I’m wearing…

Outfit One

♥ Black & white striped Nanette Lepore dress
♥ Upper Street Ballet Flats (designed by me!)
♥ Heart headband by Janine Basil on etsy / Flower headband from Lisa Harris Jewellery
H&M ring
Patrica Field skull bracelet

Outfit Two

♥ Nanette Lepore Jacy Pleated Floral-Print Skirt
♥ Jimmy Choo Tokyo hi tops
H&M white vest
Furla candy handbag in silver glitter (limited edition for Christmas 2011)
Forever 21 colour block necklace
♥ Forever 21 bangles

These photos are the perfect reminder of our trip to New York and I’m thrilled with the results. They not only show our love, but how much fun we had (and of course our ridiculous personalities!)

Gareth’s face cracks. me. up in this one…

Gareth does a good epic jump!

The girls also made a video of their trip which includes behind the scenes footage of this shoot as well the one I did with Gala. Cuteness personified. Ahhh I love Made You Look so much. It really was an honour to be shot by them. Just book them for your wedding already! (and then send me the photos after because they will be fabulous).

Also I have to share some huge love to Eryk Datura for my epic make up transformation. Gareth called my look ‘chameleon eyes’. It’s certainly dramatic, and we all know I love a bit of drama!

Would you ever do a shoot with your beau to help you remember a holiday? I’d highly recommend it!

PS It’s true, I totally didn’t know what to title this post and so I just went for the super catchy “Kat & Gareth by Made U Look Photography – Who, by the way, you totally need to book for your Rock n Roll wedding…(Just Sayin’)”… cos you know, it’s true. You do need to book them. Now.

Supporting Cast:

Photography & Video Credit: Made You Look Studios
Make Up: Eryk Datura