An Official Preview of ‘Rock n Riot’ – A Punk Themed Styled Shoot

Photography Credit: Steve Gerrard Photography

This week I was Birmingham for my latest photo shoot. As always, I am so excited to share the results and as ever I’ve tried, with my trusty team, to go bigger and better with the theming, styling and general execution of the whole thing.

The brief I gave was ‘punk!’ and the team I worked with on Wednesday were incredible (literally words can’t describe) and really got into the whole idea. Every single person brought their own adaptation of the theme along, and somehow it actually worked together brilliantly.

Photography Credit: Steve Gerrard Photography

My mind was blown more than once… the graffiti made me all wobbly inside and the outfits I was allowed to wear were…well…incredible.

Think a punky, gothy, feathery, glittery, Rock n Roll-y, Lady Gaga-esque styled shoot and you’re on your way there… I can’t wait to share the full thing and the story behind the shoot, but for now I couldn’t resist a few teaser shots from official Rock God photographer Steve Gerrard (that will now be his full title) and ‘omg I’ve never laughed so much with you’ Emma Case who was pretty much on hand to keep me giggling/screaming/pouting all day…

Photography Credit: Emma Case Photography

I just want to share a little bit of love here for the whole team – more on them all in the full write up.  The full shoot will be hitting your screens in a couple of weeks. Watch this space!

♥ Photography: Steve Gerrard Photography
♥ Behind the scenes photography: Emma Case Photography
♥ Video: Pete Smyth for Emma Case Photography and Simon Clarke
♥ Styling: Ava Event Styling
♥ Flowers: Little a (Amy Grzegorzek)
♥ Cakes: The Boutique Baking Company (Vickie Pritchett)
♥ Product hire & candy bar: Bonne Fête (Amanda Plester)
♥ Dresses: The Wedding Club & Hannah Wilkins-Webb (final year student at the University of Central England)
♥ Headpieces: Sharper Millinery
♥ Jewellery: Terry Terry
♥ Vintage accessories: Top Banana, Birmingham
♥ Fashion Styling Adviser: Patti Bell
♥ Graffiti: Hoakser
♥ Hair & Make Up: Elbie Van Eeden

Photography Credit: Steve Gerrard Photography


  1. RachyLou

    I’m beyond excited to see this shoot!! It’s completely my cup of tea and pretty much features the ‘dream team’!! xo

  2. Wow..These first few shots look niice!… I didnt really know what to expect, or how this would end up looking when i started painting this on Tuesday..I’m pleased that people seem to like the artwork!.
    Everything around it fits and works well… I’m amazed at what everyones time and efforts have done!!
    I’m not often asked to paint something : wedding,rock n roll, pink, punk…..(thanks Amy) but I’m really glad i was..Everyone worked really hard, and the results speak for themselves. good job peoples!

  3. Post author

    Mr Hoakser you effing rocked it. thank you SO please dont paint over it…keep it forever ha!

  4. haha..thankyou…..unfortunately thats graffiti for you, most of my work gets painted over eventually..still, i think youve immortalised this piece. thanks for rockin it infront of the wall i rocked…

  5. I DIE and cannot wait to see the rest of the shoot. Seriously, why is all the good stuff in the UK? My mom was right, I was born in the wrong country 😉

  6. This is f*ing awesome! Only saw it on my phone yesterday as stupid internet was broken – I can’t get over that graffiti, how lucky are you?!

  7. Colette

    WOWZERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to see the final shoot!!!

  8. HOLY CRAP – THAT’S SOOOO GOOD! You aint made it till you’ve had your own graffiti wall Kat!! My new aim in life is to get me a graffiti wall of my very own! Can’t wait to see the full shoot.


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