A Pink Rockabilly Romance

Hey Hey…I am back, did you miss meeeee?!  We had a fabulous (and very fancy) time in Brighton this weekend, our hotel was ridiculously posh and we got it all for free (including two 3 course dinners which totaled more than we would spend on food shopping in a month!)  I am surprised they even let us in with my pink mop and Gareth’s j-rock do…

Thought I’d come back with a bang and share this fantastic wedding I have been dying to get out there as soon as I found a few of the images on flickr…I was forced to wait however as the photographer, Phaedra had not yet finished editing them all.  I’m glad I did though because now they are even better than when I first saw them.  This rockabilly style just makes me swoon…and it’s all PINK!
What is also brilliant about this wedding is that almost everything was handmade by local (Californian) artists, Phaedra was kind enough to share some of these with me…
A few details about the wedding- the theme was 1940’s Rockabilly, and just about everything was handmade custom by local artists. The ladies’ attire was made by Debbie Carper (209-656-9334) from Denair, California. The tuxes and men’s shoes were by MX Tux in Merced (209-722-3388). The cakes were custom designed and made by Christy Lobao of Hilmar, California. (209-233-1991). The flowers were made by the Pitman High Agricultural Department (209-602-1146). I made playbill style wedding programs for them.. and my team photographed the wedding (
www.phaedraphotography.com) The hair and make-up was done by Amber Tucker (209-324-3239) I’ve seen Amber’s work a few times now and I’m switching hairdressers! The woman can pull off anything!

For the rest of this wedding, check out Phaedra’s Flickrstream



Credit: Phaedra Photography


  1. Our wedding was very special to us, and we’re honored to have it featured on your site! It was definitely a group effort. I had gone to school with Phaedra since we were little but reconnected with her through Facebook.

    The dressmaker is amazing…I can’t say enough great things about Debbie. She created my dress and my attendants’ tops all without a pattern. The cake was created by a friend of the groom. Each cake is multilayered and indulgent, soaked in a variety of liqueurs. The incredible centerpieces were created by a dear friend named Ann Jayne who is trying her hand at event coordination.

    But what makes us most proud is the fact that we were able to contract with a high school’s ornamental horticulture department for our floral design. Both my husband and I were FFA kids, and nothing gives us greater pleasure than to be able to support a local ag program!

  2. Brian

    I am the groom and I just want to amend that Christy Lobao who made our cakes is from Atwater, CA not Hilmar. The cakes were amazing. They were liqueur cakes: fuzzy navel with apricot cream, Grand Marnier with mandrin oranges, Limoncello with lemon curd, and Kahlua with coffee cream.

  3. Amy

    Hey!! My cousin is the bride and my sister was a bridesmaid! WEREN’T THEY ALL BEAUTIFUL??? Wish I could have been there.

  4. How flippin’ adorable are those polka dot shoes! This whole wedding design is so spectacular – the bride’s dress is spot on and she wears it so well. I love it!


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