‘Til Death Star Do Us Part

Keri Lynne Photography

July 3, 2024

Teri and Lucas, who have been together for eight years, bonded over their mutual love for Star Wars and other classic movies. In September, Lucas proposed with a custom-made R2-D2 ring. Eager to marry, they decided on a Halloween wedding just a month later!

Initially, the plan was a simple city hall ceremony, but Teri’s twin sister, a wedding photographer and Virgo, had other ideas. With help from Nataleigh of Love Shack Toronto and Patricia from Unfazed Florals, she orchestrated a surprise Star Wars-themed ceremony for them.

The tiny chapel (which held just 15 people) was decorated with a themed backgrop for them to say their vows in front of. Their loved ones held Light Sabers, Teri walked down the aisle to the theme from True Romance and their exchanged Ring Pop candy rings!

After the ceremony and photos, the couple enjoyed an intimate dinner with Teri’s family. The celebration didn’t end there; they went trick-or-treating afterwards!

Thinking back to their wedding, Teri and Lucas felt it was the perfect reflection of their relationship. “There was no single favourite part,” Teri said. “It was amazing to see everything gradually take shape and how we complemented each other throughout the process.”