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Thursday Treats: Hello Melbourne & ABC News!


Photography Credit: Lakshal Perera

This week has been slap bang back to work all round! After one last quick splash in the ocean we said goodbye to Port Douglas and hopped on a plane to Brisbane to teach our first class.. The babes that came along to Bleeding Heart Gallery last weekend were of course as wonderful as we could have hoped for, in fact I don’t think Gala, Shauna and I have laughed as much during a class before!

Then, bright and early Monday morning we packed up and left for the airport again to catch our flight to Melbourne… or so we thought. We’d noted the time of our flight down wrong and arrived an hour late! ARGH! Luckily the very nice man on the Virgin Australia service desk took pity on us and switched us onto a later flight – phew!

These past few days we’ve been teaching our first class here in Melbourne. Yesterday was particularly exciting because ABC News came to film us for a news story (you can watch it online here!!) But that’s not all, I’m also getting to hang out with one of my favourite photographers – and people – in the whole worldwide wedding industry, Lakshal Perera, who is shooting the class for us too. What a treat!

Bright and early tomorrow morning we jet off again, this time to Auckland for our next workshop this weekend – no rest for the wicked! So let’s see what has been keeping me entertained on all those flights shall we?

Weddings & Weddingy Things

Love this elegant at home wedding
Rock n Roll love forever
♥ Actress Rose McGowan married artist Davey Detail in LA and it was gorgeous (and part two)
Flower inspired wedding editorial
Wonderful Wizard of Oz wedding ideas


Photography: Sarah Kathleen

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Thursday Treats: Blissful Spa Days, Koala Cuddles and Surfing Beach Babes!

the blogcademy down under janneke storm surfing

Photography Credit: Janneke Storm

Well, Queensland you certainly haven’t disappointed! After a 24 hour journey (London to Dubai to Singapore to Brisbane) I touched down in Australia just before 1am on Sunday morning. I was dreading having such a long flight but I need not have worried. I flew with Emirates, who I’ve never experienced before, and they were amazing! The planes not only had wifi (!!) but power outlets behind every seat… which, when you’re a computer addict like me is a total revelation! I spent most of my time in the air obsessively devouring Homeland episodes (my latest TV obsession) and writing – bliss!

I checked into The Emporium Hotel which was decked out in Asian-inspired décor. The reception was lined with bright ruby high shine walls and a giant glass chandelier hung from the ceiling. Gala and Shauna didn’t arrive until the next morning so as soon as I’d checked in I went up to my room and was out like a light in approximately 5 minutes flat! The bed was, without a doubt, the most comfortable I’ve ever slept in. The pillows were like marshmallows and the mattress more like a feather-stuffed duvet (there was even a pillow menu if you wanted something different!) It was totally heavenly and just what I needed after such a long flight.

I slept through right until 9am the next morning, when there was a rapturous knock on my door from Gala and Shauna who had just landed from LAX. There was no time to rest though as we’d been booked in for a foot rub, 30 minute massage and hour long detox facial at Endota Spa. I swear this should be a mandatory requirement after you get off a long haul flight. We felt like new people afterwards and it totally set us up for our busy week.

The following day we were booked for a morning at Dreamworld theme park where we rode rollercoasters until we threw up (quite literally in someone’s case, not naming any names!) but the real highlight was meeting – and cuddling – Brandy the Koala. That’s a life changing moment right there for sure.

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Thursday Treats: OMG Australia, Here I Come!

road trip

I have no idea what’s in store for me over the next three and a half weeks. Having such a packed schedule recently means that I’ve had little to no time to research much of what Gala, Shauna and I will be getting up to while we’re down under. Thank goodness for Virgo friends who obsessively arrange everything on your behalf! All I do know is the week before our first class in Brisbane I’ve been promised a spa day, surfing lessons, koala cuddling and zip-wiring through a rainforest. WHAT!? Oh you bet ya I’ll be reporting back on all this stuff when I return.

I fly out of Heathrow tomorrow afternoon and after a 7 hour flight to Dubai and a 14 and a half (GROAN!) hour jaunt to Brisbane I touch down on Sunday night, just past midnight. The time zone difference is kinda messing with my mind a little but thank goodness I just treated myself to a swanky new Samsung laptop which will keep me plenty entertained on my epic journey (I’m obsessed with it!)

I’ve worked my little bloggy butt off in preparation for this trip. It’s the longest one we’ve done for The Blogcademy so far and I know I’m going to miss Gareth, Henry and Rachel like crazy but at least the blog will be ticking over nicely! The post schedule won’t be changing while I’m gone, with two posts still going up every weekday and even a couple on the weekends, so don’t go anywhere ya here?!

As usual you’ll be able to follow my obnoxious travel updates via Twitter and Instagram too. OMG I am just so excited. See you soon Australia!

Weddings & Weddingy Things

A wedding with a Tardis photo booth!
Canadian mountain wedding
When Trekkies wed
Gorgeous Pioneertown wedding
♥ Oregon camp wedding


Photography: Blue Window Creative

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Thursday Treats: Madness!


Photography: Shell de Mar
I get to see these weirdos in just 8 more sleeps… in AUSTRALIA! 

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock (or er… you just haven’t been online) you probably won’t have failed to notice that we launched The Blogcademy 2014 world tour on Monday. Oh my goodness what a reaction!

The interwebz (at least from where I was standing) got all a-fluster with excitement about the new cities and countries (!) that we’ll be taking the turquoise tornado next year, AS DID WE. The London class is already two thirds sold, with many of the other cities coming up fast behind it. So I guess if you want to sign up, you better do so sooner rather than later. We’ve even had two former Blogcadettes sign up again because they loved it so much the first time around. Now that’s commitment.

2014 is gonna rule. Period.

Weddings & Weddingy Things

Intimate Swiss wedding
Homemade steampunk wedding
Sedona elopement 
Geeky Brooklyn wedding
♥ Check out this bride’s ‘veil hat’. Amazing!

featherlove-wedding-ace hotel

Photography: Feather Love

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Thursday Treats: Glitz at The Ritz

wedding blog awards rocknrollbride

It was two days ago, but I’m pretty sure I’m still hungover after the Wedding Blog Awards on Tuesday night. Give me a break though, I won two awards and I was in the mood to celebrate!

I was so surprised/over-excited when some dude from Made in Chelsea (I had no idea who he was but he was very lovely) called my name as the winner of the Best Real Life Weddings and Best Alternative Blog awards. We were also named as the highly commended winner of the Best Designed Blog (so well done Shauna and Gareth!)


Thank you to everyone who voted for me, the panel for selecting me and of course everyone at Wedding Magazine for throwing such a damn good party. Hanging out at The Ritz really isn’t a terrible way to spend a evening. The goodie bags were also quite frankly ridiculous – scented candles, Swarovski rings, gold plated roses and more cosmetics than my bathroom can possibly contain. Ah-maze.

wedding blog awards rocknrollbride1

The bathrooms were also pink. I clearly fit right in.

Next week will feel so dull in comparison.

Oh and before you say it, yes BOOBS. I had so much boobage going on in this dress. Ah well, if you’ve got ‘em and all that…

Weddings & Weddingy Things

♥ Brides throwing cats is a weird and wonderful as it sounds. Oh internet, you rule.
Playful backyard wedding
Industral romantic wedding
Colourful rustic ideas
Beautiful tipi wedding
Gorgeous community wedding – woah to this giant flower bouquet!

peach wedding

Photography: Mark Brooke Photography

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Thursday Treats: It’s all Going Swimmingly


Photography: Shell De Mar Photography

Gareth came home from the gym on Monday with a bunch of flowers and the swimming pool timetable. A strange kind of romantic gesture you might think, but I’ve been saying recently how I used to really love swimming (I even swam in the sea in Greece!) and I wish I was making the effort to do more of it.

So on Wednesday, when he went off to the gym (as he does three times a week – way to make me feel bad!) I packed my galaxy swimsuit and trotted off behind him. I’m not going to lie, I was nervous as hell. Those stupid little voices about how I look in a swimsuit wouldn’t give over.

But I did it.

And I’m super proud of myself.

I also felt great afterwards. As someone who usually avoids exercise at all costs, I was genuinely surprised how good my body felt after. My plan is to swim once a week (at least to begin with) so fingers crossed I can keep it up! Thank you husband for pushing me to get off my computer, to banish my insecurities and to jump in the pool again.

Weddings & Weddingy Things

Whimsical Philadelphia wedding
Ombre flowers DIY – LOVE this!
Beautiful farm wedding
Vintage woodland wedding
♥ Cute bridesmaids wearing the Rock n Roll Bride for Crown and Glory headpieces!
Pamela Love’s beautiful flower child wedding


Photography: Hannah Thomson

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