Thursday Treats: Uneventful, and that’s OK

February 20, 2014

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FX Media
Shoes from Melissa, Dress from Next

This week, hum, what can I say? It’s really been pretty uneventful. I’ve basically been catching up with emails (oh so many emails!), writing and making Blogcademy-related world takeover plans… all from the comfort of my sweat pants.

Yep, it’s true, being a full time blogger/ writer/ entrepreneur/ business owner (whatever the hell you want to call it!) really isn’t that glam most of the time. But that’s perfectly OK with me. I actually quite like weeks like this where there’s no pressure, and I have no external commitments other that just plodding along, doing my own thing and working at my own pace. When your life is such a rollercoaster most of the time it really is awesome to not need to leave the house for a week!

Weddings & Weddingy Things

New York City loft wedding
And the bride wore yellow…
NYC style in the woods
Handmade South Carolina wedding
Magic garden wedding!

magic garden mangored


Woodstock meets the Great Gatsby
USS engagement ring
Colourful Queensland backyard wedding
Spanish wedding with a touch of Rock n Roll
Intimate bohemian upstate wedding


W.Scott Chester

Sales & Events

♥ If you’re after something weird, wacky or just plain wonderful for your wedding then you have to check out the Quaint Queer Weird Wedding Fair which is taking place on March 15th in Brighton. With 60+ alternative and unique exhibitors including LGBT-friendly suppliers, it’s sure to be worth a visit!

Business Bites

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Passion, do you have it?
♥ Jose Villa talks about how he got to where he is today
♥ Taking your (digital) power back (YES, YES, YES!!!)
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