Thursday Treats: Shooting Up a Storm!

April 24, 2014

shelldemar rocknrollbride

Shell De Mar 

This week started with an Easter egg hunt around my parent’s back garden. Yes, my sisters and I might be 26, 28 and 30 respectively, but that didn’t stop us – it all got very competitive! I also did a super fun shoot for Claire’s on Tuesday at my house, the results of which I’ll be sharing really soon. AND tomorrow I’m heading over to The Big Smoke to shoot up a storm with my buddy Chris Barber. It’s all go go go in Rock n Roll Bride land!

How have you been? Eaten all your Easter eggs yet?! I don’t like chocolate so I wore mine in my hair…

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Nadia Meli

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Sales & Events

♥ So it’s not really a sale or an event but I bought this ring from EveryBearJewel on Etsy a few weeks ago and it arrived yesterday. I love it SO MUCH. Everyone’s been asking me about it so I felt the need to share the cute.


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Have a great weekend guys!