Thursday Treats: Hit the Road (Jack)

May 1, 2014

dior flowers


The time has finally come for me to pack my bags and hit the road for the first leg of our 2014 Blogcademy world tour! I AM SO EXCITED (can you tell?!) to see my besties again, but most of all to meet 60 new Blogcadettes and teach them about my all time favourite subject – blogging!

As a little side note, I get SO PROUD and excited to see what our workshop attendees do after they leave the classroom. Lucy, who came to London last year, just quit her day job to run her business full time and Ché aka IndieBerries just launched her brand new (awesome!) website today. YAY!!

After a quick pit-stop in NYC (because, why not?) I’ll be heading over to San Francisco followed by Chicago for workshops. The SF class is sold out but we do have a couple of spots open in the Windy City if you wanted to sign up to the fun. I’d love to see you there.

As usual while I’m away, there’ll be a little break in Thursday Treats, but everything else will remain the same. I’ve pre-scheduled a bevvy of beautiful weddings and a plethora of Green Room goodies to keep you occupied in my absence. Have a fabulous few weeks you guys, and be sure to follow me in Instagram if you want to digitally accompany me on my trip.


Weddings & Weddingy Things

The real girl’s wedding diet (so funny!)
2014 wedding and bridesmaid dress trends and where to find them on etsy
A guide to writing your perfect wedding vows
Oooh check out this lovely lilac wedding dress
♥ Wayne Thiebaud wedding inspiration 


 Apryl Ann Photography

Eclectic California wedding (their guestbook idea is genius!)
You could buy a car with that wedding
Wedding at an abandoned church
Hope and Lace wedding shoot
Modern geometric wedding (ombre pink wedding dress love!)
♥ Whoa how epic is this colourful wedding?! (more here)

caitlin and tanner jessica peterson 25

Jessica Peterson

Business Bites

6 tips for beating burnout
This interview with Sophia Amoruso, founder of Nasty Gal is worth a coffee break for
We want your job – Kate Spade designer
When you work for yourself, your boss is probably an asshole
♥ Permission to fail
♥ 10 tips to make your etsy shop blossom (but totally relevant for anyone, selling anything, online)
♥ Are personal blogs and business blogs really that different?
♥ Some great ideas and resources for those of you that need new business cards

Best of the Rest

Multi-coloured images to inspire your home
DIY candles with sprinkles (what?! this is genius!)
Let’s stop obsessing over our non-existent body flaws
Cute things to do with your photos
♥ Oooh I really love this Agate slice wall art idea! Pretty!
Stuffed on frito lies (I bet a lot of this rings true… It did for me)
♥ 5 ways to make people think you’re nice
A punk rock take on the four agreements. I particularly love:

“Don’t say yes and then change your mind and back out later. Nothing is worse for your reputation. Instead, think carefully about whether you have the bandwidth to really take on this or that project. Thoughtful consideration can save you — and everyone around you — a whole lot of grief down the road.”

♥ Everything about this shoot of Nicole Richie is perfection! I love Nicole (and yes, I do think her lovely new hair has a lot to do with it). But it’s more than just her barnet, the way she turned her career, and public persona, around from being almost a joke on The Simple Life to this is damn inspiring…


♥ Cameron Diaz on female friendships (right on!)

Have fun without me you gorgeous creatures… but not too much!